Aligning yourself with God Part 2

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Emmanuel

We can miss out if we are focused on our ways of doing things
God will not judge you by your intention but by your actions. When God is birthing something within us, we need to align ourselves with God.
We can come into spiritual disorientation
Proverbs 14:12
Don’t copy what you like from the Bible to justify your actions. When you start to read the Bible as a love letter, it changes your perspective
When the Lord wants to do a new thing, he always re-position us
Align yourself and blessings will follow
Acts 8:1-4
Are you part of the faith community?
Are you in any ungodly relationship?
Psalm 139:23, 2 corith 13:5
Are you in the center of God’s will?

How to align yourself with God:
1. Read the Bible consistently
2. Pray fervently
3. Develop a submissive will
4. Expect to hear his voice
5. The key to hearing God lies in your willingness to obey

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

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