Aligning yourself with God

Preacher: Pastor Trevor and Samantha
Editor: Christabel Olatunji

When you build, things around you change
How you make a change as you build

1. Purpose: Genesis 11:1-9
What are u building?
Why are u building?
Who are you building or becoming as you build?
Where is your foundation?
Genesis 28:11-19

2. Character: Daniel 1:4-8
Tap into his mercies
How much change can we affect if we build together?
When you build, you have to be in the right position because when you build and if it is not aligned, it’s not building.
Aligning and positioning ourself is important
Is your dreams and desire inline with God’s word?
How we align is important in the midst of the building
John 5:17-19

3. Priority
The whole story of Malachi is about the stinking attitude of the priest and the people of Israel
We have lost the reverence for God
If you want a different thing, change the recipe
God is talking about attitude
We have real enemies and we have real blessings
We need to align ourselves with God
Genesis 4:7
Matt 16:23
1 corth 12:31
Act 8:22
Question to ask God in prayer: What is your will and Let my life align with your will

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor and Samantha

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