Be of good Cheer 2

We handle different situations differently. Jesus was speaking to the disciples when the storm was fierce. All they needed is just to obey. In the midst of trouble, God wants us to be of good cheer.
Worry is wasting today’s time with yesterday’s trouble to cluster up tomorrow’s opportunities. We loose opportunities because we worry too much. How we react to worries dictates whether we will be of good fear or good cheer
Matt 9:1-6
Just as the people were familiar with Jesus so also we easily get familiar with Jesus. We need to revere Jesus. Many Christians are speaking a lot but acting a little.
God likes to challenge our faith because he wants to build us. He wants us to be of good cheer even before the miracle happens.
God wants to bring cheer in everyone’s life. In the life of the paralytic, Jesus said his sins are forgiven because he was dealing with the root and not just the fruit.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

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