Be of good Cheer: Perfect and Permissive Will

The word of God shapes our life. If our situation-based, then we may be in crisis and not in Christ.
God wants us to understand the circumstances and know how to go above the circumstances
John 16:26-29, 33
When you read the word of God, there is an answer to every problem. Its the revelation that changes you when you read the word of God. The key point is in Jesus there is peace. Heb 12:2
We have something to look up to which is eternal but unbelievers don’t have anything to look up to

The 2 wills of God
1. Perfect will: Creation of man not to sin
2. Permissive will: Choice

The benefit of the perfect will is gone as soon as you move into permissive will. Just like Adam and Eve they left the perfect will and went into permissive will and they had to work and labor.
Jesus overcame the world since he was born in d form of human, staying in d father every day and in d garden of Gethsemane

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

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