Be of good Cheer

There are 7 occasions Jesus mentioned that we should be of good cheer in the Bible. Matt 14-21-29.

We fail to enjoy the joy of God because we are focusing and anxious of things that won’t even happen. Be of good cheer means not focusing on the things that are making us anxious but rather focus on God.
Fear takes away the joy. Stop trying to roll your boat on your own strength. God wants us to be of good cheer in every moment even in the midst of the sea
The disciples obeyed yet they faced storms regardless of the fact that they were seasoned fishermen who knew about the sea.

Things to note:

1. The devil deceives us by replacing good cheer with fear

2. We must learn to recognize Jesus Gen 28:16
Sometimes we fail to recognize God in our problem and cheer becomes fear

3. In order to be cheerful we have to be cheerful
Jesus was having a bad day in Matt 14:1 because his cousin brother (John the Baptist) was beheaded yet he said told the disciples to be of good cheer and still performed miracles that day.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

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