Be Still: Elijah’s Series: God is working behind the scenes

God provides us what he thinks will be enough to carry us through just as he gave Elijah bread and water which lasted him for 40 days. His plans are not ours and it is always a mystery because we are not seeing the big picture. Elijah is just a man like us and he also experienced fear. The wisest thing to do is not making decisions when you are tired. God does not take you to a place without preparing you. Three points to be noted:
1. Irrespective of Elijah’s wrong doing, God gave him food and rest. Simply put God still showed him love.

2. God was preparing Elijah for the great journey ahead to the mount of the lord (Mount Sinah)

3. God was not rebuking Elijah for what he has done but firstly listening to what he has to say

When Christians get depressed we are indirectly saying “God you are not doing enough”. We get frustrated because we don’t know what God is doing behind the scenes. All your prayers are not falling on deaf ears because God is orchestrating something great behind the scenes.
Would you dare trust God, would u dare to believe that God is doing the best job in your life?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

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