Being as children

When we pray, miracles happen. We need to be like children before God to receive the best from him.
The greatest achievement is that Jesus died for us. Matt 18:1-5, Mark 9:38-39, psalms 46:10
We need to be still and enjoy the blessings of God. We need to appreciate his greatness. Psalm 103, Psalm 119:164

Things to learn from little children

1. Seeing how children adore their parent, lets adore God like that
Spending more time in his presence is a proof that we love him

2. Total enjoyment: we need to come to God with expectation
psalm 16:11

3. Total trust
we need to let go and let God. Even of when things are not totally clear, we still need to trust God. God wants us to be humble.

Challenge: Try stopping 7 times a day to praise God.

Watch full sermon below.
Preacher: Sis. Liz

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