Get Up, Look Again

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Chenoa Zacchaeus

Quitting is a lot easier than persisting. When we fail to understand something, we quit trying. When things get to hard, we quit. When we don’t see our breakthrough coming, we quit praying.

In continuation of his series, “Passionate or Polite,” Pastor Trevor investigated the story and life of Elijah the prophet. Turning to the book of James, Pastor Trevor reminded the congregation that Elijah was an ordinary person, like you and I. However, Elijah prayed fervently and persistently, believing in the supernatural. 1 Kings 18 tells the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. We see how for hours, the Baal worshippers prayed, cut themselves, amongst other things, waiting for their “god” to answer them and send fire from above. All the chanting and prayers were in vain. Yet when Elijah prayed, God answered and sent fire down from heaven. Not long after, Elijah told Ahab to go on down the mountain as God will open up the heavens and send rain to end the three year drought.

As Ahab descend, Elijah ascend to the top of the mountain. He prayed and sent his servant to see if there was a cloud arising. The servant came back with a negative response. Six more times he prayed, and the servant gave him the same report. Now Elijah could have easily quit, but he didn’t. After the seventh time of pray, the servant came back and revealed there was a cloud as small as a man’s fist. In the natural, that didn’t seem like much. But to Elijah, who saw with eyes of faith, that was ample.

Pastor Trevor continued on to show how God is revealed in this story in two different ways: one as fire and the other as rain. Fire represents purification. Whereas rain, represents blessing. Before the blessing of God can come upon your life, there first needs to be a purification process! God held back the rain in this story, because the nation first needed to be purified.

Be fervent in your prayers, like Elijah, and God will answer. DON’T STOP STILL YOU SEE YOUR MIRACLE.

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

Our Mandate: From generation to generation

Preacher: Pastor Samantha
Editor: Chenoa Zacchaeus

Can the church influence the direction of the next generation? This question was prompted by our beloved Pastor Samantha as she shared her desire to impact the next generation. Statistics have revealed how morals, values, and even God’s Word slowly loses priority across generations. In her sermon, Pastor Samantha used kings- David, Solomon, and Rehoboam as an example. King David, as many know, received the title of being a man after God’s own heart. King Solomon, while starting off the race strong, had his heart slowly turn away from God as he chased after women rather than the true living God. By the time Rehoboam became King, Israel became divided as Rehoboam failed to heed the commands of the Lord. On the other hand, Pastor Samantha explained the story of Nehemiah and how he trained up the next generation to listen to the voice of God. He led by example. When the priest defiled the house of God, Nehemiah rebuked and purified the room. Furthermore, he reminded the people of Israel of their identity and instructed them in the commands the Lord had given. Pastor Samantha emphasized the importance of leaving a godly impact on the next generation. Our mandate as Christians is to believe, teach, and walk in accordance with the Word of God. So today, let us consider this: how can you, as the church, influence the direction of the next generation?

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Preacher: Pastor Samantha

Passionate or Polite: Queen Esther

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Chenoa Zacchaeus

The story of Queen Esther and how God used her to save the Jews is an awe-inspiring story. Through examining her story, Pastor Trevor delivered a sermon that revealed how God could use us the same way he used Esther. It all boils down to one key thing — passion. In the third chapter of the book, we see that Haman’s hatred towards one man, Mordecai, gave him the desire to wipe out the entire Jewish race. He was passionate, but for the wrong cause. Similarly, Pastor Trevor expressed how the devil destroys individuals that ultimately destroy the whole church! The devil and Haman are both passionate about one thing, that is destruction.

Esther could have responded to Haman’s passion in one of two ways: she could’ve been polite and allowed him to carry on with his plan, or she could respond with a godly passion. If Esther had let passion killers such as fear, vulnerability, or a lack of vision control her decision, God would’ve raised someone else to save the Jews. Instead, she chose to remain passionate through fasting and getting a hold of God. She recognized her purpose as queen and she moved into action despite personal danger. Similarly, God can use each and everyone of us. If we allow passion killers to control us, God will raise up someone else. However, if we do what Esther did and seek God and rely on His strength, who knows the powerful things God will do through us?

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

The Secret Place

Preacher: Emmanuel
Editor: Chenoa Zacchaeus

We had a powerful sharing from brother Emmanuel which was followed by a short Q&A session. Continuing in the series “Passionate or Polite”, Emmanuel expressed how one cannot be lukewarm — we are either passionate or polite. Furthermore, he went on to state that “passion is based on what we do in the secret place.” He explained this statement by using Jesus as the prime example. Jesus had a burning passion for His Father’s will. But everything He did, His ministry and the miracles He performed, were all done after spending time in prayer.

Brother Emmanuel went on to compare passion and enthusiasm. Often times, we as Christians are enthusiastic about the things of God, but that slowly fades. Enthusiasm is temporary, but passion is sustained. That substance, once again, comes from spending time with God and with His Word. Spend time with the Father and you will grow to be passionate about His will and desires.

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Preacher: Emmanuel

Passionate or Polite: King Josiah

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Chenoa Zacchaeus

Examining the story of King Josiah (2 Chronicles 34), Pastor Trevor highlights how at just eight years of age Josiah already had a burning passion for God. Unlike his father, whom the Bible says did not pursue godly things, Josiah desired a reformation. While the temple of God was being rebuilt, the servants working reported to King Josiah that the Book of the Law had been found. After having it read aloud, King Josiah tore his clothes and began to weep. He had recognized how far the people had turned from God.

Upon reading this passage, Pastor Trevor asked the following question, “Has the Bible been lost in the church?” He continued on to explain how people go to church out of religious obligation or politeness but lacked the passion. He went on to encourage the church to be passionate for reformation like King Josiah had been and to bring the Word of God back in the church.

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

How we think and how it affects our world

Preacher:Pastor Neil Thomas
Editor: Sandra Frimpong

We can look at the same thing and have different feeling about the same event.
2 Corinthians 10:5
What goes in our thoughts affect our life.

Programming -> Beliefs -> Attitude -> Feelings -> Behavior -> Result

Our result depends on our behavior and ultimately affects our life. Our feelings will not change unless our attitude and behavior changes.
Programming is part of our society and we have to be conscious of our thoughts. If we change our programming it will help our life.

Money is not the root of evil but the love of it. We need to identify the reality in our life.
Genesis 39
No physical bounds can stop as.
Your beliefs determine what is true for you. We make our plans and new year resolutions.

6 ways that we can bring it in our thoughts and captive

1. Accept responsibility for your thoughts.(Proverbs 23:7)
2. Change your mind not just your behavior
3. Think through your problems rather than just react to them (Romans 12:21)
4.Take your thoughts captive through confession(Corinthians 10:5)
5.Choose to focus your thoughts on the right things(Philippines 4:8)
6. Believe that it is possible to retrain your thoughts in Christ-like ways (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Whatever the problem is thank God because he is with you and he will always answer your prayers.

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Preacher: Pastor Neil Thomas

Trials and Hope

Preacher: Chenoa Zacchaeus
Editor: Emmanuel

Glory in tribulation means praising God in the midst of the tribulation. When we are in tribulation, the first thing we do naturally is to complain. Tribulation comes from the Greek word Thlipsis. It means pressing together or pressure that hurts.
We all don’t like being pressured but pressure helps us grow
Romans 5:3-4

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Preacher: Chenoa Zacchaeus

A Winning Attitude

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Precious Adams

Winning attitude means to be an overcomer in every situation. Change your attitude and God will change the situation
God has a plan and a purpose for us.

1 Corinthians 15:58
“Always give yourself fully to the lord…your labour in the Lord is not in vain.”
Numbers 13:31-33
Each time you have a negative attitude you not only destroy yourself, you destroy the people around you. God will never leave you nor forsake you
It’s not about your strength it’s about God
Philippians 3:7-8
In order to gain Christ you need to lose things of the world. God is a giver of good things therefore he will sustain you

Philippians 3:9
Many of us want to grow spiritually but we want to grow by the law/grow through the law
You can only grow in the Lord if you invest time to study his word
Pray in any challenges that you face.
Get rid of your defeated attitude and get in the mindset of your absolute truth thinking
God will fight your battles. He is your hope
God will make you soar on wings like eagles

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

The Anointing

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Precious Adams

Isaiah 10:27
“….the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing”
A yoke is a symbol of slavery, bondage and control.
However, Jesus said: my yoke is easy and my burden is light
Matthew 11:30
The anointing is what breaks things in our lives and sets captives free.
The anointing does not make the difference…the anointing IS the difference.
God does not have power….he IS the power

What is the anointing?
1) God’s favor
2) God’s approval
3) God’s presence
4) God’s power
Luke 4:18-19
We are anointed with God’s holy spirit
Zachariah 4:6
Not by might, nor by power,but by my spirit, says the Lord of hosts

The agitation of the anointing
Ecclesiastes 10:1

What are some dead flies in your life
1) A critical spirit
2) Unforgiveness
3) Lack of joy (depression)
4) Murmuring and complaining
5) Pride and stubbornness
1 Samuel 15:23
For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft
6) Easily offended
Psalms 92:10
All these dead flies must be put out so we can enjoy the anointing. God anoints us with fresh oil.

We are the ambassadors of God’s anointing

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

Spiritual Maturity Part 2

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Precious Adams

God doesn’t want us to live by rules but he wants us to have an intimate relationship with him.
He wants us to have an understanding of his heart. God wants us to appreciate the relationship we have with our heavenly father. This can only come through a spiritual maturity.

Factor that hinders spiritual growth
1. Self Esteem (high or low): internal feeling based on perceived self image

Self esteem does not equate to how God sees you. Number 13:31-33
The consequence of low self esteem will cause anxiety, and fear
God sees you with dignity. Gen 1:26
The Bible is a declaration not an explanation
We have dignity through the precious blood of Christ
Titus 3:5, 1 Corinthians 5:17
God looks at you so worthy that he decide to die for us

Do not have a self image but a God image

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor