Believing a lie

The danger of believing a lie is death. 1 King’s 13:1-34, 1 King’s 26-28
You cannot have your way with God’s way. Everything was going according to plan for the man of God from Judah but there is a trap.
1. After a great success, we tend to relax. The prophet from Judah was still procrastinating by sitting under the oak tree instead of proceeding to his city.
2. If the old prophet was a good prophet God would have sent him
The young prophet fell into the trap of Godly man not an unbeliever. The word of God is simple, don’t complicate it.
Read the word of God to confirm everything that is being said on the alter or by any preacher. 2 Tim 2:15
One lie was good enough to kill the young prophet.
What is the lie you are believing in?
If the man had returned to Judah safe, maybe Jeroboam would have changed. But because the lion killed the prophet, Jeroboam might have thought that the prophet wasn’t real.
We shouldn’t just read the word of God but meditate on the word of God.
If you don’t have time to meditate on the word of God, your priority is messed up.

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

Abide in me

God gives us different moment and he uses those moment to build a momentum. God doesn’t give you choices but promises.
There is a process we have to go thru just to get the promises of God. John 15:1-10
Airo: is the Greek word for he takes away. It also means he elevates
God is taking us from no fruit to more fruit to much fruit
Titus 3:14, matt 5:16
He will give us time to bear fruit but if we don’t then he will cut us off. It’s not how you define grace but how God defines grace
1 john 4:15
Confession empowers you to work and you cannot bear fruit on your own. You must be in the vine.
Pruning means cleansing.

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Warrior within

God has placed within us a warrior spirit. 1 sam 17:9. The reason why people commit suicide is because we are facing giants that we think we cannot overcome. In life we will be always be faced with giants.
Purpose of a giant
1. To keep you as a slave 1 Sam 17:9
If we can understand the giant then we can overcome him. The warrior within is greater than the warrior outside.
2. To make you feel less important than you are or to devalue you. 1sam 17:25
1 john 4:4

How to deal with giants
1. Understand that it is a supernatural work of God
2. Face it. 1 Sam 17:40,26

How to practically overcome
1. Talk about it. prov 28:13, James 5:16
2. Reach for the right thing. 1 Sam 17:40
There are certain ways God has ordained for us to overcome some things. If you want to slay giants then pray and fast
We need to reach for the word to overcome Goliath
3. Show up. 1 Sam 17:48 – 51

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Topic: Prayer
The tragedy of life is not an unanswered prayer but an unoffered prayer — FB Merger
The sad thing is that we treat prayer is an emergency instead, prayer should be a routine. We can fool people with our prayer life but we can’t fool God. Col 4:2
We have to be steadfast in our prayer life. God is not interested in a good sermon but he wants a God sermon, he wants to bless you first so you can be a blessing to others
We need to be unweary, alert and pray with intent

3 needful things when we pray

1. Persistence: We must be persistent in our prayer Luke 18:1
If we are not persistent in our prayer, we become cowards Luke 11:9
Without persistence you will loose it
2. Passionate: We must be passionate about our prayers
Sometimes we act like we are just using God. We only need him when we are in problem. We need to desist from this act and be passionate about our prayers. Jesus was passionate about his prayer and that made him go thru everything. Jesus spend hours in praying and seconds in healing but we spend seconds in prayer and hours in healing.
The less you pray the less you desire to pray and vice-versa
3. Pray with thankfulness matt 6:7, James 5:16
Fervent means Energoe in Greek. It’s where we get the word energy

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Blessing in Brokenness

Jacob met with angels and called the place he met the angels Mahanaim. Gen 32:1-31
Mahanaim means Two camps. It means separation; 1 camp being camp of the angels and another being camp of man (Jacob)
God gave him the simple instruction to go back to his country but he made it complicated by wanting to please Esau.
We also make the same mistake by wanting to make everything workout before we take action after God has already promised us.
Jacob means deceiver or supplanter
When Jacob was told 400 men were with Esau, he had several plans to please his brother. As humans, we like to think of the worst case which may likely not happen.
So often we have sent our gift ahead of us and spend the night at the camp. God is not interested in the meeting place but he is interested in you walking and working with him.
Peniel means Facing God and Israel means God Prevails
The socket of Jacob’s rib was because God wanted to take off all his options and leave him with none so that he can fully rely on him.
Brokenness (eliminating the 2 camps) precedes blessings from God
Is your heart still in the camp or on the journey that God has sent you?

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The new normal

Norm is what comes naturally or things that we have developed over the years. There are lot of norms that we have embraced in our spiritual life. Psalm 24
If you want to let the king of glory in, you need to open the door of your heart. 1 Sam 1:3-7

Things Hannah had to deal with:
1. She doesn’t have a child
2. People are talking about her
3. The lord has closed her womb

Don’t let the devil fool you about your bareness or fruitlessness because there is a great seed in you just like Hannah. Are you willing to contend for your miracle just like Hannah?
No matter what people were saying Hannah was still faithful. What is d norm that u r embracing today. Amos 5:4,6-7,14-15

Christian atheists is one that prays and doesn’t believe that God will answer the prayer. Mediocrity and lukewarmness is predominant in our generation.
The basis of your salvation must be because you realise that you are a sinner, and all you need is God.

Rev 3:4-22

Every knock shows how far we have not been listening to him and also it means he still loves us and wants us to open the door of our heart.
What price are you willing to pay to get gold from God?

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The devil’s strategy used on the children of God is doubt. He makes us doubt God’s word and his love. Genesis 3:1-6

When Nathan rebuke David, David repented of his sins. 1 Sam 12 and he wrote Psalm 51 afterwards upon realization of his sin. Guilt hunts someone for life and it is possible to harm someone and not sin and we can sin without hurting someone e.g backbiting; the person may not be hurt because the person may not know
Hyssop is like the blood to cleanse our sins. Matt 15:17. Clean heart is needed for our christian work.

Contrite means remorseful for our wrong doing and not blaming others.
Had Adam was contrite?

Devil bind our hearts with sin but when we repent, the binding comes off and our heart could leap

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Be of good cheer 4

When you enter into something unplanned then surprises becomes norm
Mark 10:46-52
In life there will be limitation but it shouldn’t stop u from your ambition as God has given us the creators mentality.

To be of good cheer, we need to:
1. Take personal initiative: Bartimaeus took the initiative to call on the name of Jesus. Many people die cos we didn’t take initiative. Just knowing Jesus is not enough. We need to put action to it
2. Persist over obstacles: Bartimaeus never wanted people’s attention but Jesus’s attention. However in the process of seeking the attention of Jesus, he got both the attention of Jesus and that of the people.
3. Respond promptly: When Jesus asked him to come, he immediately yook off his cloak and ran to Jesus.
4. He exercise great faith: Jesus will never go against your faith. He works according to your faith and He said unto Bartimaeus that he is healed by his faith.

Who’s attention are you trying to get?

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Be of good Cheer: Perfect and Permissive Will

The word of God shapes our life. If our situation-based, then we may be in crisis and not in Christ.
God wants us to understand the circumstances and know how to go above the circumstances
John 16:26-29, 33
When you read the word of God, there is an answer to every problem. Its the revelation that changes you when you read the word of God. The key point is in Jesus there is peace. Heb 12:2
We have something to look up to which is eternal but unbelievers don’t have anything to look up to

The 2 wills of God
1. Perfect will: Creation of man not to sin
2. Permissive will: Choice

The benefit of the perfect will is gone as soon as you move into permissive will. Just like Adam and Eve they left the perfect will and went into permissive will and they had to work and labor.
Jesus overcame the world since he was born in d form of human, staying in d father every day and in d garden of Gethsemane

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