The Christian life

5 things to value as Christian
1. Worship : All words and actions of approaching God and bowing down before HIM to thank him for the gift of salvation. Heb 11:6. We receive blessings from God when we worship him. The following are the blessings we receive.
A. Confidence 1 king 18:36-39
B. Peace job 22:21
C. Prosperous life Gens 9:1-3
D. Repentance Acts 2:37
E. Gift of the Holy spirit Act 10:44-46
Isa 43:21

2. Christian education: Bible is the word of God. We must meditate on it, apply it in our lives.
Christian Education is discipleship. Christian education is where we bear fruit, protection from false teaching, careful stewardship of possessions. 2 Tim 2:2, col 1:28, Matt 28;19-20. Christians never graduate

3. Evangelism: All Christians must preach the gospel. Mark 16:15, Act 1:8. Zech 4:6, Rom 1:14-15. Evangelism is to make the slaves of the devil to become the children of God.

4. Fellowship: Act 2:42, 44-46. In fellowship we are humbling ourselves and as such there should be no favoritism when we fellowship.

5. Service: It is the time where Christian believers praise, worship and magnify the creator.

The church is not the building, it’s the people. The head of the church Christ and the body of Christ is us.

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Preacher: Bro. Robert

7 Places Jesus shed his blood

Easter is not about Easter bunny but its all about the cross.

1. Garden of Gethsemane: He wasn’t beaten to bleed but he was bleeding in anguish. Luke 22:40. He shed his blood while praying for us. He restored what was lost in the garden of Eden which is the power to choose. Man lost the power of choice and Jesus restored it.

2. At the whipping post: He redeemed our health. Matt 27:26, Isa 53:5. Sick body are healed by the wounds of Jesus. Psalm 129:3

3. Internally: Jesus bled externally and internally. Our forgiveness was redeemed. In life we go through pains but today we can live as a victor because he bled internally for us to be forgiven and receive forgiveness. Matt 27:26

4. On his head: A crown for a crown. Crown speaks of status. The crown of thorns speaks of shame, curse. He became a curse so that we can be blessed. He has come to liberate us from depression. Peace of mind was restored.

5.   His pierced hands: Crucifixion was a form of death for a criminal. He became a criminal for us. Jesus is not a messenger from heaven but he is a message from heaven. Without authority and dominion we wont be fruitful in our lives. Jesus restored authority and dominion to us so that we can be fruitful and everything we lay our hands upon will prosper. The curse was broken so that when you put your hands to something it will prosper.

6. Pierced feet of Jesus: Dominion that man lost in the garden of Eden was restored. Luke 10:19, Joshua 1:3. There is power when we walk with God.

7. His side: The side of Jesus was pierced to give us joy unspeakable. The blood of Jesus Christ restored joy.

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Preacher: Pastor John Malcolm

Excellence in your level

Excellence means being your best, not a destination but a journey. It involves matching your practice with your potential or being better tomorrow than you were yesterday. The yardstick for excellence is you. Excellence is a spirit (Daniel 6:3). Ordinary is the salt that has lost his savor (Matt 5:13). Don’t try to be like everybody because everybody was from one body. God wants us to excel in every areas of life (Philippians 1:9-10, 2 Corinthians 8:7).

Your level is sufficient for your excellence. It gives you confidence for a greater challenge / level. The excellence of David at keeping his father’s sheep gave him the confidence to confront Goliath (1 Sam 17:33-37). What you see are not made by what you can see but what you can’t see. Excellence is not made by what you can see, it is made by what you can’t see (Faith).

Faith takes you from worship to walking to working = secret of excellence (Hebrews 11:4-7)

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Preacher: Bro. Emmanuel

A Tale of 2 Daughters

If the foundations is not right then the righteous will perish. Mark 5:21-43. In life, we all have choices to make. We are always in a battle everyday.
Jarius, a ruler of the synagogue at Capernaum was desperate for his daughter and Jesus came to his aid. He despite all odds chose to reach out to Jesus to raise his daughter. The woman of the issue of blood, labelled as unclean defiled all odds and reached for the tip pf Jesus cloth and got her healing. In God’s kingdom everyone is important.
Desperation is the breeding ground for miracles. God is not moved by need but moved by faith. God knows how to minister to your need.

Lessons learnt
1. Decisions affect our miracle
2. There is no impossibility to God
12 speaks of completion and dominion

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

The miracle of Jesus

Your true identity is determined by who you are in Christ. Christian work does not need rocket science but requires faith. Miracle is something God does alone. So often we want miracle to happen but we want to assist God in performing the miracle. John 2:1-21

Basics of Miracles

1. It requires a person’s absolute obedience

Jesus never did for people what they could do themselves. Obedience is the key to receiving breakthrough and unprecedented miracles form God.

2. Trust in God at all times

When Mary noticed that they were running out of wine, she did something about it. Many Christians today instead of being part of the solution are usually part of the problem. Mary chose to be the solution and not the problem. Mary trusted in Jesus because she treasured the word of God that came to her during the birth of Jesus.

The master of guest tasted the wine and asked why it was kept till the last hour. More than the wine, it talks about the best plans that God has for us is yet to come. You might go through a hard time and problems (when you are running out of wine) but God will show up and not just bless you with abundance but with quality blessings.


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Back to Basics: See that no one misses

God has given his grace but many Christians fall short of the glory of God. Never go according to your feelings because they are up sometimes and down most of the time. Heb 12:14-17.

Greek word for falling short is Hystereo. It means to be left behind in a race and so fail to reach the goal, to fall short of the end. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in church or your religious qualifications, all that matters is not missing the boat else we end up like Esau. We don’t want to preach to people and be left behind on the day of rapture. When Esau saw that his birth right was taken, he became bitter to the point of taking revenge and killing his brother. He sought the inheritance rather than to seek God.

Profane means to treat something sacred as ordinary, with abuse or contempt. It is the opposite of sanctification. Esau was compared to a fornicator and profane because his heart was set on the momentary things. He treated his birthright which was sacred as something that was ordinary and gave it away cheaply.

His passion was what caused destruction for him. We are also caught up in the act such that we are focused one the momentary things and forgetting about the eternal things.

What is your bowl of soup that you are trading your inheritance with?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Back to Basics: Sanctification 3

Stress and challenges comes up in life but at the same time God gives us the choice to live a victorious life everyday. Sanctification only belongs to believers. An unbelievers cannot be sanctified and without Jesus there is no sanctification. Col 3:1-9. Sanctification is not a better version of you but a new version of you. Affection in Greek is Phroneo which means your thinking, opinion. Set your understanding on things above and not on the things on earth.

Sanctification is divided into 2 aspects:

1. Vivification: To give or bring life to; animate

When you are sanctified, you are bringing to live things that are above and cultivating the culture on earth. Vivification is the renewal of your mind. Roms 12:1-2

2. Mortification: To put to death.

We need to put to death  morally neutral things in life. Morally neutral things refers to justification of our sins on the basis that it is not clearly written in the Bible. Heb 12:1-2

Many Christians having positionally sanctified still take route to their old ways rather than moving to progressive sanctification.

Sanctification involves bringing to live the things that are above and putting to death the things that are not of God.
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Back to Basics: Sanctification 2

Saints are consecrated and holy people. Heb 12:14
When you see the holiness of God, you will lay prostrate. Moses could not set the camp of God among the children of Israel but outside the camp because of the holiness of God.

3 stages of sanctification
1. Positional sanctification: Separates the believer from the penalty of sin [justification]
1 Corinth 1:30, Heb 10:10

2. Practical progressive sanctification: Separates the believer from the power of sin [maturity]
1 john 1:10, 2 peter 3:18, 1 peter, John 17:17-19

3. Permanent sanctification: Separates the believer from the presence of sin [glorification]
1 thes 5:23, Col 1:27, Col 3:4, 1 john 3:2

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Back to Basics: Sanctification

Challenges is no respecter of age or race. However when it hits, we want God to fix everything immediately. Josh 3:4
God has done his part but we have to do our part too which is to sanctify ourselves. 1 peter 2:9
Hebrew word  = Qadosh
Greek word = Hagiazo
Sanctification means to set apart an object or a person from certain use to another certain exclusive use from ordinary use to an exclusive sacred religious use. Exodus 19:23, Deut 5:12, Exodus 30:29, 2 corith 6:14-18
Believers are lead astray by unbeliever. We have left our exclusive offer and become ordinary people. The music, movie and the likes that we listen to makes us ordinary. There is no level or heirarchy of holiness. We cannot call ourself child of God and have idols. 1 peter 3:15. We have to give Jesus the exclusive right. 1 peter 1:13-15
Sanctification is an action. The battlefield is in our mind. Put your minds to action. Holiness is not passive but active intentional decision that we make every moment. Sanctification is a decision everday not an annual occasion. It must be done every moment
It’s a process of coming out of the world into Christ. Those that sanctify themselves will see God.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor