The lost axe head

The 3 problems of modern preaching are:
1. Intensity
2. Majesty
3. Eternity

2 kings 6:1-7
Jesus hits to the dear of our needs. When we lift Jesus up, he lift more people to him.

The church has the following attributes:

1. We are passionate church
2. We are worshipers
3. We believe eternity

Youth are valuable. We need to invest in them.

Things to learn from the lost axe head
1. Thing they needed the most was gone
2. When we loose our axe head, our prayers are like trash
When we give up our lives, God blesses our lives. Be involved in the church.
3. If you have lost something, go to the same place that you lost it and get it back. E.g if you loose prayer, get back to praying.

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Preacher: Pastor John McGovern

Back to Basics : The amazing grace of God

When crisis happen that is when we seek God. Eph 2:1-9

There are 2 ways to save yourself
1. Keep all the laws
2. Through Jesus Christ
It is only through Jesus Christ because all laws cannot be kept without breaking one.
Grace : unmerited favor and from the Greek word Charis
Mercy : when there is something bad that you deserve but God doesn’t give you the evil that you deserve. e.g the wages of sin is death
Grace and Jesus are interchangeable. Matured believers forget the grace of God as they want to earn their way thru anything. Eph 1:3-7
God has not blessed us out of his grace but according to the riches of his grace

1. Trust in God’s perspective
Prov 3:5-6
Sometimes we may not lean in our own understanding but others perspective about us
Trust in God’s perspective
2. Live like a son and not like a slave
Roms 6:20-21
Stop having a slave mentality but a son mentality
3. Claim your inheritance
Gal 4:1-7
When we were underage, he kept the inheritance for us. We have been redeemed
3 words for redeem in Greek
1. Agorazo: To purchase
2. Exagorazo: To purchase out
3. Lotroo or A-po-lu-trosis: To release or set free
This is what Paul used. We have been set free through the grace of God.

Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Overcoming plateaus in your life

Plateau is a state of little or no change in a person’s life. 1 thes 5:16-20

5 steps to live a healthy Christian lives
1. Rejoice evermore
2. Pray constantly
3. Give thanks
4. Don’t quench the spirit
5. Listen to the preached word of God

3 main steps of overcoming plateaus
1. Faith: Matthew 9:20-22
Sequence of the story of the woman with the issue of blood: 12 years living with illness -> marked as unclean -> faith in Christ’s healing -> Healing, made whole again, happy and healthy

2. Song of praise: James 5:13
Praising God everyday makes you forget every evil thing

3. Prayer: Matthew 7:7, 21:22

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Preacher: Bro. Tope

Back to Basics: Basic Foundation principles

Fundamentals are essential in our lives. Too often many Christians deal with the fruit rather than the root. We are in a morally decaying society. When you are living a good life, you seem to be the weirdest in the society.

Basic Foundation principles
1. We are accountable to God: We are created by God and thus accountable to him alone.
1 John 2:34, Gen 1:1
We are exposed to many biblical truth but how many of it remains in us? People wants explanation but God doesn’t explain who he is. He only give declaration. You need more faith and stress to be an atheist than to be a Christian because you have to read a lot of books and theory but to be a Christian you only need to believe.
Declaration: I a not a random result, I am God’s deliberate design. Gen 2:7

2. We are contaminated by Adams fault but naturally gravitate towards evil: Naturally because of Adams fault, we are inclined towards evil. Gen 3:1-24

The 3 areas people stumble in this world
1. Good for food: Fleshy desires
2. Pleasing to the eye: Temptations, emotions
3. Desire of gaining wisdom: recognition and power

Only when we understand the seriousness and consequence of sin then we can appreciate the power in the blood of Jesus.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Back to Basics: Dedication or commitment

Many of us want to be a complete Christian but we end up being finished. We want to contribute but not committed. Psalm 37:3-5
The church today has lost it because we are contributing Christians and not committed Christians. Romans 12:1-2

3D’s of Dedication
1. Decision: you cannot be dedicated man without having a strong decision
Josh 24:15,24
We have problems today because we have so many choices.
2. Determination: The devil knows how to deceive. Sometimes we are determined but on the wrong thing. 2 corth 8:5
When you dedicate your life to God, he changes you from inside out. Phill 4:13

3. Discipline: If u don’t have discipline in your life, you are set for failure. Rom 8:1
Discipline must be a daily process in our lives.
Sometimes fleeing is not cowardliness but it’s discipline.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Back to Basics: The foundation of confidence

If you want things to work out in your life, you need to understand the basics. When the foundation is weak, what can the righteous do? Christianity is all about the basics. We all have the reset button if we are in Christ.
The foundation of confidence is faith. We need a child like faith in a great God and not a great faith. All we require to please God is faith. When God tells you to let go of somethings, we look for other options and question if it was truly God. Hebrew 11:1
Our faith is now. Show your faith now and God will bless you. Prov 3:5-6, psalms 11:1-7, Neh 6:10-11

Why is confidence important in our lives
1. It is needed to please God. Heb 11:6
Lacking of faith displeases God. A man without faith cannot please God.

2. It is essential in our prayer.
James 1:5-6
We need to comeback to a child-like faith. We need to believe that what we have prayed for has been answered even without getting any response from God yet.

3. It is our weapon of defense
Eph 6:16
The enemies throws arrows and it hits us because we are not protected with the shield of faith. The shield of faith guards us from all the arrows of the wicked and nothing will harm us.

4. It assures our success in Christ
Mark 9:23

Having faith which produces confidence is an essential part of our lives that makes us successful in everything that we do.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Back to Basics

This year will only be a good year if you are involved in it. Today’s Christianity is defined by the eloquent programmes and activities that we have in churches which conflicts with the basics and intentional ideology of the gospel. The basics is the foundation upon which every other christian walk builds upon.
What are you doing to make this year a great year? The gospel is simple but we make the word of God complicated. Psalm 5:1-3
David had a relationship with God because he understood the basics. Are you giving your best time to God or making God an option?
Most of us have forgotten the basics daily principles and thus crisis abound. The more busy you are, the more time you should have with God.
A life of victory and power hinges upon 3 things
1. An initial act
2. A fixed purpose
3. A daily habit
An initial act (salvation) gives you a fixed purpose which in turn drives your daily habit.
Jesus is not interested in visitation, he wants an habitation. Mark 12:28-34, Deut 6:1-9, Lev 19.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Regaining your dominion

Understanding the place of dominion is critical to our walk with God even the devil understands it. (Matt 4:8-10).

Temptation of Jesus: Test of food -> ground truth -> dominion / authority
Summary of Jesus temptation: In the wilderness of life, if the devil cannot get you through food, he will trap you with what you know to be true; if unsuccessful, he knocks off your dominion.
Show me a man that understands dominion and I will show you a man of authority.
Dominion in Hebrew מֶמְשָׁלָה pronounced mem-shaw-law’
It means domain, forces, realm, authority, reign, rule, government
However, dominion does not mean rulership over man but over our gifting, talent and every other thing that God created before man. (Gen 1:26)
God hates a man dominating over another man. (Proverbs 6:16-19)
A man with dominion have knowledge of the God he serves.
God spoke to everything he created based on what he invested.
When a product is faulty and within the warranty period, the product manufacturer takes full responsibility of fixing the product.
Warranty = written guarantee = word of God
Dominion is an inbuilt attribute of kingdom citizens just as fish does not need to learn how to swim before swimming. (Psalm 22:28)
A kingdom power is manifested based on the territory it dominates
The original intent of God is not to take you back to heaven but to bring the culture of heaven to earth. (Matt 6:9-13)
Heaven is the reward for your stewardship in dominating the earth through salvation. (Matt 16:27)
Understanding the place of dominion produces humble submission and repentance. (Rev 2, James 4:1-10)

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Preacher: Bro. Emmanuel

Familiar Jesus

We expect things from God but we want it to be wrapped in a different package. Don’t enter this Christmas with the familiar Jesus. When our relationship with Jesus is too familiar, we miss the whole point of who Jesus truly is. Matt 1:18-25, Matt 2:1-23

Bethlehem mean house of bread and thus Jesus the living bread was born in the house of bread. God shows himself through all his creation. Jesus came to save. The announcement of the birth of Jesus was to the shepherd because they were considered the outcast of the society and they could easily relate to what Jesus will be facing because he will soon be rejected by his own people.

3 kinds of people
1. The Jews: They had no relationship with God
Christianity is not about explaining who Jesus is but a proclamation of who Jesus is.
Jesus was born in the house of bread
They had head knowledge of everything but they didn’t have heart knowledge
2. King Herod: He was full of himself that he doesn’t want anybody to rule over him
Jesus didn’t come to abolish but to fulfill the law
3. Wise men: They don’t know anything about God. They only saw a sign and worshiped and they didn’t come empty handed.
Are you a worshiper like this wise men?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Prepared for the challenges ahead

God does something in our lives to prepare us for the challenges ahead. The disciples were coming from miracle experience in the name of Jesus yet they faced a storm. Mark 6:45-52
What makes us Christian is our heart of compassion

Lessons Jesus taught the disciples with feeding of the 5000
1. Never try to solve a problem in your life with your own resources. It will fail.

2. Little with God is more than enough than a lot with urself

Moses brought the people of Israel out of the desert but Jesus brought them from darkness into light. Mark 8
You can be in the center of God’s plan but yet still experience storm but be of good cheers because you are made for it. The extra basket of bread and fish on the boat was a reminder for the miracles that just occurred right in their hands and a sign of God’s presence with them. Hold on to it.
What goes over your head is under Jesus feet because he came walking on water. John 6, Mark 6, Luke 9, Matthew 14

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor