Suddenly Season

Suddenly means contraction i.e to shorten things. We need to be ready for what God is going to do. The less sensitive we are to God is the longer is going to take.
While we are in the suddenly season, there is a shift that takes place. Shift is a slight change in position or tendency to do things. If we don’t shift in the suddenly season we will miss out God’s plans. When there is a shift, there is a sift. Sifting = removal of lumps or large particle. Even if all things are good things we still need to sift. 1 corth 10:23
In the suddenly season, we need to position ourselves in a way that aligns with the principles of God.
Several people missed out on Jesus because Jesus was not packaged in a way they thought. They expected a king to be born in a palace but Jesus was born in a manger. They didn’t change their thinking.
Paradigm shift is a new information that changes everything around us. There are distractions everywhere but we have the choice to give in to it.
We are not a boat church, we are an ocean church. We need to step out.

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Preacher: Pastor John Malcolm

Stop calculating your resources

Only 1 miracle is found in the 4 gospels. Its is the miracle of feeding the 5 thousand. John 6:1-10, Mark 6:30-44, 45-52.
The great multitude were following Jesus with the wrong motive because they were moved by the miracles he performed.
Believers today fail to walk in the power of God because we have lost our spirit of compassion. Even though Jesus knew they had the wrong motive of following him, he still had compassion on them.
How often do we try to coat our selfish ambition with Godly ambition?
We experience victory every time but when we meet the next challenge, we have a defeated mentality
Phillip was calculating his abilities being an “expert” in the region but he didn’t see the bread of life was in his presence.
Man is always looking up to his resources to satisfy his immediate needs but God is saying don’t trust on your resources all you need to do is just trust God and allow God to surprise you.Challenge: Read from all the 4 gospels about feeding the 5 thousand.Man always depends on his ability and gifting to tackle his current need but God wants us to depend on him solely and not on our human understanding. Stop calculating and start looking up to Jesus.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Do you know God?

We are living in a time in which signs and wonders are scarce compared to the days of Acts. Most of us know about God but do we don’t know God. Daniel 11:32
Having a relationship with Jesus is truly knowing God and we will do exploit. Just because we go to church or read some portion in the bible does not make us a Christian. Its all about having an intimate relationship with God and meditating on his word. How can we serve a master when we don’t know anything about the master?
We are limiting God with our mindset. We are usually afraid to step into the unknown. When you want to serve God, it doesn’t come cheap. Black magic books guarantee power but when the people saw Paul’s life they saw power and authority. People have power but they don’t have authority. Jesus gives both power and authority. People that know their God will do great exploit because they have both power and authority. Authority is superior than power. Authority is visible.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Narrow escape from 9/11 crash: Real life experience

Quite a lot of factors defines our characters including success, relationship, marriage, work, education, dreams and goals. If you ever attain success, don’t be proud. Too much of success may cause arrogance and self appraisal. The closer you get to God, the better understanding of his principles you know.

Application in daily life:
1. Pray: Self reflection
2. Take a stand
3. True self confidence
4. Genuine humility
Trusting God is the best for having work-life balance.

The best way to gain self confidence is to do what you are afraid to do. It is okay to say I don’t know.
Someone will always be prettier, someone will always be smarter, someone will always be younger but they will never be you.

Instead of wishing you are someone else, be proud of who you are. You never know who has been looking at you wishing they were you.

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Preacher: Brother Andy Wong

Faith: Rahab

We have the liberty and authority but yet we still struggle.
The genealogy of Jesus is full of imperfect people. From the lineage of imperfect people, God chose to bring his perfect son Jesus.
Nature forms us, sin deforms us, education informs us, the world conforms us but faith transforms us.
Faith is a transformer. Hebrews 11:31, James 2:25, Joshua 2:1-3

Lessons learnt
1. God can use anyone that who is available. He uses ordinary people
2. God can save anyone
God wants to use a nobody and make him somebody and then use him to save a nobody to become somebody. Joshua 2:12-16
Don’t underestimate your position as a christian.
3. Rehab had an openness to the truth
Familiarity with the word of God kills revelation of God in your life.
4. Faith involves tough decisions
5. Faith involves action
6. Rehab had desire for her family

Let your faith be visible.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Parables of the kingdom of God


Not only the land needs healing, but lives needs healing. God is still involved in the business of changing lives. Repentance starts from you. Matt 3: 1-3
Repentance has a very strong meaning. John the baptist preached repentance, so also Jesus. Matt 4:17
The gospel starts with repentance. When Jesus preached repentance to the Pharisees, they hated him but when he preached the same to the tax collector, they accepted him and turned away from their sins
Prepare according to Greek meaning is the preparation of mind. John the Baptist preached that we should prepare our conduct. When we are preparing the way of the Lord, we have to be a voice. However, not everyone will like you. God has called us to be a voice and not an echo or a voicemail.
Repentance means to change one’s mind and detesting the sin. The good news starts with the change of heart. Luke 24:46-47

Conviction from the Holy Spirit makes us turn to God and shows you the love of God while conviction from the devil points out our flaws and make us far away from God.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Who do you say I am?

Sometimes we are pushed into the pool. We are pushed into the situations that we don’t want be in. Matt 16:13
Caesarea Philippi is the stronghold of idols. Jesus first asked the common man. Who do men say I am because he came to save the common man. All the disciples gave good answers by attributing Jesus to Jeremiah, John the baptist and Elijah but not the right answer.
Many Christians are giving the good answers but not the right answer about who Jesus truly is in their lives. Jesus is not looking for a good answer but the right answer. Jesus is not asking for religious deeds but an intimate relationship. Christ means the anointed one.
We can confess with our mouth but are we applying it to our life? When peter said that Jesus was the son of the living God, Jesus also addressed peter by his father’s name i.e Barjona
Jesus does not have power but he is the power. The deepest revelation are not revealed through flesh and blood but through the power of the holy spirit.
Every believer must be examined. Good deeds are the result of following God.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Now that you are ignited