Can we truly handle Jesus?

We come out crying into this world because we have a fight awaiting us. Matt 15:22. It’s okay to question the bible because it gives us more insight. If you treat the things of God casually u become a casualty.
We all know the caring Jesus but can we truly handle the real Jesus. Sometimes he flips the table. A woman desperate was ignored by Jesus, rejected by the disciples [leaders] and humiliated.

Desperation is the breeding ground for miracles. Even after undergoing all the ridicule, she still worshiped God.

Are you desperate for more of God? Have you made yourself a prisoner of hope or a prisoner of your problems? As if the humiliation wasn’t enough, after worshiping,  Jesus called her a dog.

Gen 9:18-25 gives a background conversation between Jesus and this woman. When you disobey your parents, you are being cursed. Noah cursed the last born of Shem which was Canaan. This woman was a Canaanite woman and thus the generational curse clanged to her. Then in the end Jesus answered her and commended her for her faith and her resolution.
If you want a miracle you need to trust process. Sometimes we don’t need to understand what is going on but we just trust the process.

Are we willing to trust the process? Sometimes we get disappointed by God but remember that we are in the process. Don’t abort the process of God in your life. This woman was preaching back to Jesus that his people are wasting him. Saying give me the crumbs of the bread. The crumb is as good as the loaf.

Let your life go thru the process. He is pulling you out of generational curses to generational blessings.

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Preacher: Pastor John Malcolm

I must work the works : Fault Finding

The identity of Christ

Our eternal goal is determined by the identity of Christ. People are not looking for salvation, they are looking for acceptance. They want to be identified with Christ yet still hold on to worldly things. 1 peter 3:15, Acts 17:15-17
If Jesus was crucified outside the city gate then we need to go outside the walls of the church to bring more souls to Christ. John 14:28, Phil 2:8, John 6:38, Matt 26:53, Hebrews 1:4
Jesus never at any point denied being God. He only humbled himself.

When dealing with unbelievers, we need to be rooted in the word of God to backup our words. John 5:18
We need to humble our self for God to come in just as Jesus humbled himself. 2 Corinthians 11:3-4, Hebrews 1:5-6, Luke 4:6-8, John 20:27-29, John 5:14-18
Which Jesus are you worshiping today? There is another Jesus in the bible. Phil 2:5, John 17:1-5
Jesus had a glory shared with God before coming down. Matt 28:18-20, Phil 2:10, Isa 45:23, Rev 1:8, Rev 21, Rev 22:12-13, 16
Jesus and the father are the same and everything we do reflects who God truly is. Rev 1:17, Isa 44:6, col 2:9.

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Preacher: Pastor Thomas Neil.

I must work the works

Naturally, we label people based on their looks and physique. We can tell a dangerous man from his looks which is not always true. Jesus addressed issues and never labelled people but we do the opposite yet we call ourselves Christ-like. John 9:1-6, John 8:52-59.
Jesus having done a great miracle on a Sabbath of opening the eyes of a blind man which was against the Jewish law was about to be stoned to death but the people couldn’t stone him because it was not yet time for Jesus to die.
Jesus made clay with his spit which was considered as work and against the Jewish custom because he must do the work of his father. Night is coming when no one could work.

Work that needs to be done
1. Work of seeking man: The blind man didn’t come seeking Jesus but Jesus sought the man. Luke 19:10
God will bring the lost in when we go out to find them. Too long we are too inside seeking the lost.
We cannot seek the lost within the four walls of the church. John 9:17-29

Is the church a zoo?

Some church members are as stubborn as an African goat about doing church work, but as sly as a fox in their own business deals; as busy as a bee in spreading the latest gossip, but as quiet as a mouse in spreading the gospel of Christ. Many are as blind as a bat to see the needs of others, but have eyes of a hawk to see the faults of a few. Some are as eager as a beaver about a barbecue, but as lazy as a dog about the prayer meetings. Some will roar like a lion when things do not go just to suit them, but they are as gentle as a lamb when they need the preacher of the church. Some are as noisy as a blue jay when calling on the church for advice, but as timid as a kitten about talking to the lost and as slow as a snail about visiting absentees and shut-ins. Many are night owls on Saturday nights, but “bed bugs” Sunday mornings and as scarce as hen’s teeth on Bible Study nights.

Christianity is the only religion where God seeks man. All other religions involves man seeking God.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

The compassion commission

Before we share the gospel, we need to show it in our action. Our actions should lead people to Christ and worthy of emulation by unbelievers.

The compassion commission involves God’s heart to justice, our response towards it, the compassion commission itself and how to answer the calling for the compassion commission that we are entrusted with.

1. God’s heart for justice:
Psalm 99:4, Isa 56:1
God cares about everything that is happening now. Persecution among Christians, hatred and war against preaching the gospel etc but it is written that all this things will happen and therefore God is aware and cares for our souls.

2. Our response:
Our response could either be judgemental or love embodied.
Isa 1:17, James 1:27, Matt 28:16-20, Matt 25:35-40
It is the holy spirit’s job to convict, God’s job to judge but our job is to love. We need to play our part (love) and leave the judgement to God and conviction to the Holy Spirit.

3. Compassion commission
Eph 2:10, James 1:27 , James 2:14-17.                                                                                                               The compassion commission is simply a calling to love which is the only religion that God accepts.

4. How to answer the call: be Christ like
Mark 8:2, Matt 9:36, Rom 12:10, col 3:12
To answer the call we need to love others

When the church is more focused on the preferences of their members and not the dying lost, church the church dies.

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Preacher: Pastor Kelsey

Lift up your eyes

Life is never going to be easy and quite often we are so focused on the negative things in life. We need to understand that we are in the ‘now’ moment and if we are not living in this moment now, we are in deep trouble. With the advancement in technology and rapid change weather and climate, understanding the times is an essential asset for our Christian work.
What is stopping us from doing even more than Jesus did is because we are not lifting our eyes up rather we looking at our problems.
Sometimes when we look up, we see our bosses, employers, and problems but we need to change our perspective and look up to God who is the author and finisher of our faith.
When we have challenges where does it draw us to? Is it to Christ or away from Christ?
God has called us to be a voice and not an echo in this world. God is willing to run with the runners, walk with the walker but does not sit with the sitters.

David, instead of being at the war front was at home and that costed him a lot because he looked down and saw a beautiful woman bathing instead of looking up and going to battle. Looking down is very dangerous. We need to fix our eyes on Jesus.

If you are to look with the eyes of Jesus, how will Jesus see the world today?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Having a sense of urgency

We as believers have responsibilities but not just having responsibilities, we need to answer the calling with an urgency. As Christians we shouldn’t be unwise but understand God’s will for our life. So often we extract portions from the word of God to suit our life but we have to understand that our life should revolve around the word of God in lieu of the reverse. We can come up with several excuses why we can’t preach the word of God or reasons why we can’t sow at a particular time but God requires of us to neglect all excuses and start sowing now. The great commission for believers is to preach the word of God.

Jesus used his need to minister to the Samaritan woman at the well not minding the fact that Jews has no relationship with Samaritans at that time. Usually when we are tired, the first thing we think about is ourself but Jesus gave us a good example that even when he was tired, he still saw an opportunity to preach the word of God.

The woman knew that the messiah was coming but she didn’t know that the messiah was standing next to her so also most Christians. We hope for things that has already been settled. All we need to do is to go into the field and harvest, The Samaritan woman preached immediately, even to the people she feared.

There will always be things to do, there will always be challenges but in the midst of the challenges, we need to see opportunities for spreading the gospel.

How excited are you about the messiah? Are you enjoying your walk with God?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Changing limitations to opportunities

God has giving us talents to use it for his glory. The lord wants us to be his ambassador. He wants us to be people who will spread the good news.

We have the choice to change our limitations to opportunities or live in it. Eph 5:15-17. We should not be surprised about what is currently happening but we should be prepared. We need to be proactive and not reactive because the days are evil. 1 sam 17:1,8-10.

The children of Israel saw giant but David saw opportunities. David got angry in his spirit and decided knock our the giant through the power of the God. When we get angry with the situations around us, do we see opportunities of glorifying God or we see giants (more problems).

Opportunity is defined as a favorable condition at a favorable time. If we wait for the perfect time, we will wait forever because there will always be limitations in our lives. One person’s limitation is another man’s opportunity.

Nothing changed but David’s mentality changed. It takes the right mentality and right spirit to see opportunities in limitations.  If u don’t take the opportunity, someone else will.

Are you satisfied living in your limitations or you want to make an opportunity off it?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

We are not moving backward

In Gen 26:1-2, there were different famines both Abraham and Isaac had famine and there was a striking pattern. Growth is a product of active resistance. Without challenges it will be difficult to grow. Therefore challenges are healthy.

What we do when challenges happen is not what matters but how we deal with the challenges. Daniel saw challenges and fled from the woman but Samson saw a similar challenge and fell into the hand of the woman.

Challenges will surely come but when they come will we be moving forward or moving backward? Challenges make us grow.

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Preacher: Bro. Sali Phillip

Meaning, Purpose, RE-vision AND Revision

Meaning and purpose are similar yet different when put in context. Meaning = widely accepted perception. Purpose = intent or reason for which something is done
Meaning answers the question WHAT while purpose answers WHY.
When a purpose of an object is not known, the object is subject to abuse or misuse. Meaning gives a general insight based on beliefs but purpose gives a detailed insight based on fact. Purpose is given by the author or creator of a thing but meaning can be decided by anybody
Most dangerous thing in life is a man without a purpose: The trip to Nineveh is free but you pay your fare to Tarshish. (Jonah 1)
The meaning of life is to satisfy the purpose of life and the purpose of life is to give it away: Jesus is an example.
What you do before the fulfillment of the purpose of life matters: godly or ungodly?

Re-vision = birthing of a new vision or fresh vision. Revision = reread or reconsider work done previously
Most people wants to have a vision but ends up in revision. Our past is the stronghold of revision  (lam 3:22-24). One of the important attribute of God is that he forgets if not then we would have been condemned long ago. We need to emulate this.

Mistakes are part of life, everyone makes them, everyone regrets them. But, some learn from them and some end up making them again. It’s up to you to decide if you’ll use your mistakes to your advantage. –(Meredith sapp). It is very easy to revise but quite difficult to have a re-vision.
Have status but don’t be a statue in God’s presence. Your imagination sets the pace for your destination

Lesson learnt  ON pursuing God’s given vision

  • The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter — paulo Coelho
  • Its never too late to start all over again.
  • Expect BIG challenges on your way to greatness
  • Visions may be given but it must be contended in prayers
  • Daniel lost his strength but he didn’t loose his God.
    The ground may shake so much that you loose your legs but the God that gave you those visions will not cancel the vision
  • Salvation does not eliminate trials. Jesus didn’t kill the devil, he only cast him out.
  • It may not be your sins that brought your trials. It might be a test of faith  (1 peter 1:7)
  • Don’t build dominions in valleys. Walk through your valleys (psalm 23:4)
  • Vision can make you dumb but stay by the vision. Stay by the revelation
  • Until there is expectation there is no manifestation. Manifestation produces conviction.
  • How do you keep all this? Answer phil 2:13
  • There is so much that is possible but so little that is doable without God
  • Food for thought: in reality those you think you will lean on in times of trouble have no back. Those you think you will rely on are also looking for someone to rely on. Will you quit your dreams because of this?

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Preacher: Bro Emmanuel