Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Without the holy spirit, we are dead. The Holy Spirit is a dynamite that gives us the ability to operate beyond human ability. However, there is difference between having the Holy Spirit and being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Without the Holy Spirit we cannot confess Jesus as our Lord and savior. That is receiving the Holy Spirit but the filling of the Holy Ghost gives power. Receiving the Holy Spirit comes immediately after accepting Christ as our savior but filling of requires more.
Signs to know that you are filled with the Holy Ghost are seeing and hearing. Act 8:5-8, Act 2:1-3
Pentecost was a celebration of God giving Moses the law.
The meaning of time of grace is that God gives us the Holy Spirit who will guide us and not a license to sin.
You cannot go to the father except through Jesus and you cannot have a relationship with Jesus without the Holy Spirit.
When Jesus reveals himself to us, even the greatest sinner will call him Lord just as he did for Paul. If we want to be a chosen vessel, we have to surrender it all. If we are so full with our cares and worries God cannot fill us. A full vessel cannot be filled.
Are you a called vessel or the chosen vessel?

Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Draw near to God

God is always ready to draw closer to us only if we are ready to draw near to him. It has to be initiated by us. People are waiting to receive things from God but God wants us to move first. If we say God is far, who moved?
Psalm 129:17-18
God loves us so much that he wants to have a relationship with us. Prayer is a dialogue. God is never tired of listening to us even though we are tired of praying
Prayer = uploading your request + downloading what God has to say
Jesus said he will give us another of the same kind of spirit. John 16:7

You cannot live a disobedient life and expect the holy spirit to fill you. You have to be obedient to God’s word and authority. Without the holy spirit we can do nothing.

Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Get up and get growing

God does miracle but the miracle is in our hands. If you magnify something, it gets bigger. If we magnify our problems, it gets bigger so also if we magnify God.

Growth has direction, growth has intention. Growth entails building our individual lives.

To get growing:
1. Makeup your mind
John 5
When you are in a place for so long u feel too comfortable. God is looking for our effort. Jesus healed the man at the pool because he saw his anticipation. When we step out, God honors our faith.
God gives green light but we have to make up our mind. God told Joshua to move to the promise land but God didn’t tell him when to move but Joshua moved in 3 days. God is ready all the time but we are not ready.
2. Faith takes risk, it moves mountain and blesses people around you. The lepers moved and they got plenty. 2 kings 7
God is always on the move. If we are made like Jesus, then you have to be like him. Being stagnant is unlike God.
4 men step of faith made a difference. God uses unlikely people. Jeremiah 28:7
If you carry the word of God, the word will carry you through your difficult time.

When everything around you fails, his word will never fail because he is faithful to his word.
3. If you carry the word, the word will grow you
God wants us to get growing because there is a blessing waiting for us. Faith changes your situation and brings you into your inheritance and does the impossible. Numbers 27. 5 girls took the step and God changed the law of the land because of them.

God is not stagnant and he requires us to get growing.

Preacher: Pastor John Malcolm

Living supernatural in the natural

Preacher: Pastor Janet Neville

Love, marriage and relationship

Marriage is beautiful and an ordained plan from God. Marriage means partnership. It requires commitment and not complain. Marriage is not 50 50 but given your all (100%). Self puts an end to love but love puts an end to self. We think divorce will solve all of our problems but it only complicates things. Marriage is a process of learning more about one’s self and understanding your partner.
Fight for each other rather than fight each other. Pray for each other and admit faults.

The more our self dies, he more our relationship thrives. We think the happiness of our minds should be a bigger priority than the health of our marriage but it shouldn’t. The health of marriage should be more important. Our priority should be to raise responsible adults and not happy children.
Love is blind but marriage is an eye opener, communication and commitment is the key.


Preacher: Pastor Neil Thomas

Dealing with the root: Moving from Old to New


Passionate or Polite Christian : Thoughts

As we step out from the natural to supernatural, what controls our action is our thought.
Gates allows or declines access to something of value so also is out thoughts. What you believe drives you. There are two laws that governs our thoughts scientifically which are:

1. Law of concentration

2. Law of substitution

However we could apply these laws to in our spiritual walk to have healthy christian life. We have to apply the law of concentration on the word of God and apply the law of substitution when thoughts that are negative comes. Substitute it with the good thoughts. The meaning of fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and that is what the devil constantly reminds us of but they are not real. In lieu of fear, apply faith.

The children of Israel could not enter the promised land because they possess an expired passport or mentality. You cannot enter the promised land with an Egyptian mentality. We need to break the stinking thinking. God wants us to be a blessing and longs to build the best case scenario rather than the worst case scenario that the word envisage.
We need to change the recipe of our lives; shut the gates that needs to be shut and open the gates to the word of God.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Passionate or Polite Christian : Familiarity

Familiarity is dangerous, it takes us to a place where we become religious in our actions. When we get too familiar with our salvation, we loose the joy of Christ. The word of God has the power of transforming you but are you willing to change your heart?
When you open the word of God, open your heart. Too often we read the bible without understanding and we forget the fact that God is not a leisure activity. He demands us to completely surrender and open our heart to what he wants to pass across.
Matt 3:1-3, Luke 1:1, 2 kings 1:8, Luke 7:18
The spirit of anointing of Elijah was also upon John the Baptist because they had several things in common including the way they dressed.
John having seen great things also doubted God because his mentality was based on the prophesy rather than the word of God. He then sent his disciple to as Jesus if he was the true messiah. Luke 20
Jesus response was simply quoting the word and didn’t give an explanation but a declaration of who he is. Jesus knew John the Baptist didn’t need encouragement but he needs the word and then he sent his word to John while in the prison.
Sometimes we need encouragement but God gives us the word. The bible says he sent his word and he heal them. The word of God is more powerful than what the greatest counselor on earth could give.

One way to break the familiarity yoke is through constantly ruminating on the word of God.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Why do you call me good?

Preparing for battle

We have promises given to us yet we have battles to fight. If we win, we go to heaven and if we loose we go to hell. We have to fight a battle to get the promises.

To handle spiritual intimidation we have to affirm that our identity is based on the word of God and not on whatever anyone thinks about us or worldly standards.
Prov 29:25

Sword drill to overcoming intimidation:
1. Identify Goliath sword in your life i.e the vulnerability in your life. We need to be more disciplined rather than say we are not perfect. Been meek is not been weak.

2. Identify trip wires to warn you of approaching the enemy. It gives us warning
What preempt that attempt?
The first step to solve a problem is to identify
Dissociate People who are harmful to our life rather than helpful for our eternal work

3. Messing with the enemies head. By reaffirming our identity with Christ
Job 2:4-5
When you do what is right regardless of the arrow the devil throws at you then you are confusing the devil i.e when you don’t react the way the devil wants you to react.
Connect with supportive people. One of the weapon the devil uses on Christians is isolation

4. Concrete steps to pick up the sword yourself
The pain in your life can be a cutting edge of your ministry. Avoid the circumstances around your weakness. Every interaction in our life is encased in grace

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Preacher: Pastor Neil Thomas.