My Spiritual Journey

Our spiritual journey didn’t begin when we accepted Jesus but long before we were born. Jeremiah1:5 “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations”

When you read the word of God, 2 things are needful to have thorough insight of the word of God

1. Law of first mention: when was the word first mentioned in the bible before it’s new usage e.g Gilgal was first mentioned in Joshua 4:19-24.
2. Types and shadow : e.g Elijah was a type of God but not God. In 2 kings 2:1-6, the bible recorded that Elijah went with Elisha to Gilgal. When applying types and shadow, Elijah is a type of God which means that God was with Elisha throughout his journey.
God didn’t take a chance on us when creating us but he created us out of love. He loved to love us.
The new norm of Christianity in this day and age is not righteousness anymore but tolerance which is not in line with the precepts of God. God requires us to be holy as he is holy.

Spiritual journey can be categorized into 4 stages:

1. Gilgal: which means an entry place and the entry to the Christianity walk. In Joshua 5, God didn’t tell Joshua to circumcise the children of Israel in Gilgal but in Jordan. Most often we make the mistake of trying to convert unbelievers, all we have to do is to invite them to church and let God change them. You don’t live in your past but you learn from your past and therefore there is no more condemnation. We have to change our mindset. 1 peter 1:18-21. When you enter Gilgal, God want’s us to be responsible.

2. Bethel: After the entry place (Gilgal) comes Bethel which means the house of God. Applying the law of first mention, Bethel was first mentioned in Gen 28: 10-22. When you are in the house of God, you will have visions and dreams. The reason why we don’t want to read the word of God is because we are afraid that it will read us. However, you have to belong to become.
When you are in the house of God, God will give u plans, purpose, principles and promises. God will never give you miracles but principles. The currency that is used in heaven is faith and principles leads you to miracles. God is not need-based but faith-based.

When you are in the house of God, you need commitment, dedication and you must bring your tithe to the house of the lord.

3. Jericho: means walk by faith. 2 Corinthians 5:7, Joshua 5:13-15. God doesn’t want to come and help us, he wants to  take over our lives. He demand total submission to his will. Joshua 6:1
The reason why things are getting hotter is because of who you are. The three Hebrew boys: Shadrach Meshach and Abednego fire was intensified because they chose not to bow down for the gods.  2 Tim 3:12, Gal 6:18. Faith means obedience. When God ask us to do something, it doesn’t make sense to us. Faithless people will always be on lookers of God’s blessing.

4. Jordan: speaks about death and resurrection. Every single day, you have to makeup your mind to be all out for God. Don’t be moved by man’s opinion. In Jordan, you have to deny yourself of worldly pleasures. John 12:24-26, Philippians 1:21. Christianity that is worth nothing means nothing.
Chesterton said- “Christianity has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and not tried”. 2 kings 2:10-12. Also in Jordan, you have to tear apart your old ways yourself.
You cannot see the new unless you tear the old.

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Preacher: Pastor John Malcolm.

The Importance of prayer Part 2

Understanding the true meaning of prayer brings a regenerative experience in you.
Prayer is not an act or just a command but prayer is a life style. Nehemiah brought change to the whole of Israel because he was a man of prayer. Workplace or environment is not an excuse to refrain from praying as Nehemiah was the king’s wine cup bearer yet before doing anything, he prayed.
The number of words or how loud we shout when praying is not important but our connection with God during prayers.
Vain repetition prayers are just like noise bell in the ears of God. Do not pray like the heathens do. Matthew 6:7. We cannot fast without intense prayer

What then are the prayers that pleases God?

1. Your prayers should be biblical. It must be inline with God’s word
2. If you want your prayers to be effective, you have to meditate on God’s word

The devil is not mad when you read the word of God but when you meditate on the word of God. How much you know determines on how much you meditate.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

The importance of fasting and praying

Prayer is the power that generates, motivates and stimulates God’s word in your life. Prayer is what takes you to the level of maturity. It is what holds you and stops you from falling. Having an in-depth understanding of fasting and praying is the key to spiritual growth. A prayerless christian is a powerless christian. Jesus had to fast and pray in anguish such that his sweat was like drop of blood falling on the ground (Luke 22:44). So also Elijah and Moses before God could appear to them on a cleft of the rock. Without praying and fasting, strongholds cannot be broken. God takes a praying man and baptizes him in anguish. God restores a ruin situation through a praying man. When Jerusalem was in ruin full of iniquity and immorality, God used Nehemiah; a praying man. All true passion for Christ of born through baptism of anguish.

Is fasting and praying a command from God?

If there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer.


Don’t throw your confidence away: Experience sharing from South Sudan disaster relief mission

The most disastrous thing that could happen to a christian is on the judgement day and not the famine, starvation, natural disaster or war that we encounter in this world. Who we are is what matters not what we do. We take little things for granted since they are always forth coming.

Usually there are voices that makes us feel inferior or make you loose your self worthiness and yet there is a still small voice telling you that you can do it. The choice on the decision you make is yours because the longest journey is from your head to your heart. The fact that you know your identity does not mean you understand your identity and it is expedient to know that we don’t get confidence in other people neither do we get approval from other people.

How do you act in the face of trouble?

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Preacher: Sister Ann Lin

#PrayForSouthSudan #PrayForCountriesInDistress

Be Still: Elijah Series: Come out and Stand

Not only bad things could tie us down but also good things. The word Yatsa is an Hebrew word meaning Come out or Go forth. God was telling Elijah to come out of the cave. So also unto us, if we must do mighty things for God, we have to come out of whatever thing that is holding us back and stand for righteousness.
God gives specific instructions. After telling Elijah to come out, he told him to stand. The Hebrew word for stand is Amad which means to endure, God was telling Elijah to endure the pain for there are great manifestations to come. Sometimes God answer some of our prayers is ‘NO’ because they are death wishes just like the prayer that Elijah prayed for God to take his life. If he knew he will be taken with the chariot of fire to heaven he wouldn’t have prayed to be dead but thank God, God’s answer to that prayer was ‘NO’. Don’t try to comprehend God’s way because God  reveals only what our brain can take.
Many of us are spending ages, years to hear from God when God continually whispers to us daily. It takes a listening ear to hear the whispers of the lord to us daily.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Be Still: Elijah Series: The Cave

For unbelievers, a cave is a potential tomb but for believers, a cave is a potential womb. Jesus had to go through the cave experience in the garden of Gethsemane. where he said not my will but your will be done. So also Abraham and Moses. We all have to go through the cave experience before something new is birth in our lives.

Generally a cave is a lonely place or dead end or can be regraded as a place of temporary or emergency shelter.  It is a place where people are usually buried. Elijah ran from Jezreel which means “God sows” to the cave. God brought Elijah to the cave to bury all his fear and desires. God wants to bring us all to the cave to reignite the passion for him. The same question God was asking Elijah, he is asking us and we all need to think it over: what are you doing on this earth?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Be Still: Elijah’s Series: God is working behind the scenes

God provides us what he thinks will be enough to carry us through just as he gave Elijah bread and water which lasted him for 40 days. His plans are not ours and it is always a mystery because we are not seeing the big picture. Elijah is just a man like us and he also experienced fear. The wisest thing to do is not making decisions when you are tired. God does not take you to a place without preparing you. Three points to be noted:
1. Irrespective of Elijah’s wrong doing, God gave him food and rest. Simply put God still showed him love.

2. God was preparing Elijah for the great journey ahead to the mount of the lord (Mount Sinah)

3. God was not rebuking Elijah for what he has done but firstly listening to what he has to say

When Christians get depressed we are indirectly saying “God you are not doing enough”. We get frustrated because we don’t know what God is doing behind the scenes. All your prayers are not falling on deaf ears because God is orchestrating something great behind the scenes.
Would you dare trust God, would u dare to believe that God is doing the best job in your life?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Be Still: Elijah’s Series: Decisions

The bible recorded eight times that Caleb was a man who whole heartedly followed God. The reason why Joshua and Caleb made it to the promise land was because of their decision: they were men of different spirit. Even with the age of Caleb, he claimed his promises not minding the giants in the land. There are 7,456 promises in the bible which are is meant for us if we whole heartedly follow God.

Elijah had his eyes fixed on Jehovah and mighty miracles happened but the moment he shifted his eyes to Jezebel he was afraid. God brought Elijah to Jezreel but he ran to Judah because of fear. The moment we take off our eyes from God and fix it on our problems we become afraid.

Elijah came to a point of “it is enough” and called on God to kill him but God responded by asking him what he was doing in Judah. The biggest fall in life happens after the biggest victory in our life.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Two Men Two Houses

A question to ponder: Are you building on a rock or on a sand?

The general overview of a pseudo-Christian and the characteristics of a true Christian were elaborated. A pseudo-Christian wants God’s blessing but does not want God. He doesn’t wants to serve God but always wants to be served by God. He never faces the full teaching of the gospel but rather picks and chooses what he believes of the word of God.

In contrast, a true Christian bemoans his failure and constantly seeks the face of God. He takes time to pray over the scripture and puts them into practice.

The faith to fruit foundation is a cycle consisting of 5 attributes

1. Faith

2. Believe

3. Love

4. Obey

5. Fruit.

After bearing the fruits which is the fruit of the spirit, it should lead you to greater faith and down to bearing greater fruits.

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Preacher: Pastor Neil Thomas

Who do you say I am?

So often we dwell in the notion that we know who God is but we are always wrong. There is an obvious disparity between been aware of God (perception) and truly knowing God. Knowing is insightful, it involves having a thorough understanding of who he is. The Sadducees were talking to Jesus about a woman having seven husbands but his reply ended with him tell him who God is as written in the book of Matt 22: 32. Prophet Isaiah also saw God after he has written five chapters because there was an image of king Uzziah before him.
Brother Emmanuel emphasized that Christianity is about personally knowing who Christ is. Jesus asked Peter who he is because he wants to know if he truly knows him not minding the fact that he has been his follower for quite some time (Matthew 16:15-17).
When you have an understanding of who God is, no matter how twisted or complicated your problems are, you know that it’s just a phase in your life. Before manifestation of God, there is an insight of who he is. Every turn around a man has is as a function an encounter. Who are you having an encounter with? Who do you say I am?