Passionate or Polite Christian : Thoughts

As we step out from the natural to supernatural, what controls our action is our thought.
Gates allows or declines access to something of value so also is out thoughts. What you believe drives you. There are two laws that governs our thoughts scientifically which are:

1. Law of concentration

2. Law of substitution

However we could apply these laws to in our spiritual walk to have healthy christian life. We have to apply the law of concentration on the word of God and apply the law of substitution when thoughts that are negative comes. Substitute it with the good thoughts. The meaning of fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and that is what the devil constantly reminds us of but they are not real. In lieu of fear, apply faith.

The children of Israel could not enter the promised land because they possess an expired passport or mentality. You cannot enter the promised land with an Egyptian mentality. We need to break the stinking thinking. God wants us to be a blessing and longs to build the best case scenario rather than the worst case scenario that the word envisage.
We need to change the recipe of our lives; shut the gates that needs to be shut and open the gates to the word of God.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Passionate or Polite Christian : Familiarity

Familiarity is dangerous, it takes us to a place where we become religious in our actions. When we get too familiar with our salvation, we loose the joy of Christ. The word of God has the power of transforming you but are you willing to change your heart?
When you open the word of God, open your heart. Too often we read the bible without understanding and we forget the fact that God is not a leisure activity. He demands us to completely surrender and open our heart to what he wants to pass across.
Matt 3:1-3, Luke 1:1, 2 kings 1:8, Luke 7:18
The spirit of anointing of Elijah was also upon John the Baptist because they had several things in common including the way they dressed.
John having seen great things also doubted God because his mentality was based on the prophesy rather than the word of God. He then sent his disciple to as Jesus if he was the true messiah. Luke 20
Jesus response was simply quoting the word and didn’t give an explanation but a declaration of who he is. Jesus knew John the Baptist didn’t need encouragement but he needs the word and then he sent his word to John while in the prison.
Sometimes we need encouragement but God gives us the word. The bible says he sent his word and he heal them. The word of God is more powerful than what the greatest counselor on earth could give.

One way to break the familiarity yoke is through constantly ruminating on the word of God.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Why do you call me good?

Preparing for battle

We have promises given to us yet we have battles to fight. If we win, we go to heaven and if we loose we go to hell. We have to fight a battle to get the promises.

To handle spiritual intimidation we have to affirm that our identity is based on the word of God and not on whatever anyone thinks about us or worldly standards.
Prov 29:25

Sword drill to overcoming intimidation:
1. Identify Goliath sword in your life i.e the vulnerability in your life. We need to be more disciplined rather than say we are not perfect. Been meek is not been weak.

2. Identify trip wires to warn you of approaching the enemy. It gives us warning
What preempt that attempt?
The first step to solve a problem is to identify
Dissociate People who are harmful to our life rather than helpful for our eternal work

3. Messing with the enemies head. By reaffirming our identity with Christ
Job 2:4-5
When you do what is right regardless of the arrow the devil throws at you then you are confusing the devil i.e when you don’t react the way the devil wants you to react.
Connect with supportive people. One of the weapon the devil uses on Christians is isolation

4. Concrete steps to pick up the sword yourself
The pain in your life can be a cutting edge of your ministry. Avoid the circumstances around your weakness. Every interaction in our life is encased in grace

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Preacher: Pastor Neil Thomas.

8 days that changed the world

Jesus lived an exemplary life and the details of the description of the last 8 days that changed the world are detailed below:

1st day was a palm Sunday:
Palm branches symbolizes the years they spent in the wilderness. It is done during the feast of tabernacle. But during this time it was the feast of Passover and it seems like there is a conflict. However, palm leaves also mean triumph.
Therefore if Jesus is there there is always victory
2nd day: Jesus turned the table. He established that there is no other God but me. He turned the table of idolatry.
3rd day: He taught several parables including parable of the talent and parable of the 10 virgins. Jesus established the power of worship. To worship, we need to be broken.
4th day: Nothing was recorded on this day. It was a silent Wednesday. He is teaching us to trust him. When we don’t hear from God. It is a day of silent. There are unexplainable absence of God. On silent Wednesday when you don’t hear God you read God i.e the bible.
Faith grows when you think God should intervene and when he eventually intervenes.
5th day: It was a day of communion. We remember what was dismembered by communion. It’s states the importance of communion.
6th day: He taught us to live a life of surrender. Jesus gave it all.
7th day: He went to hell and preached to the spirit.
1 peter 3:18-19, Rev 1:18
Jesus conquered death
8th day: He rose from the dead
We can either have an embalming attitude or an anointing attitude

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Preacher: Pastor J. Malcolm

Secret Sins: From Holiness to Purity

Purity is a maintained holiness. What therefore breaks our holiness and deters us from reaching the purity line is secret sin. But the truth is that we all know the sin.

The measure of spirituality is your understanding of how unspiritual you are. We need to understand that sin is a spirit and to do the will of God we have to be spiritual. We could live above sin if we choose to or subject ourselves to sin. It’s all a matter of choice. Sin brings us into captivity.

The reason why you are seeing strange things is because you are strange : On the football field, the man with the ball is the object of attack yet the object of commentary.

Dangers involved in engaging in secret sin includes change in destiny (Hosea 4:7), Delay leading to denial, Captivity (Lamentation 1:5)

How to overcome secret sin: There is no shortcut;

  • 1. Sow righteousness Hosea 10:12 Sow righteousness for yourselves, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed / fallow ground; for it is time to seek the Lord, until he comes and showers his righteousness on you.
  • 2. Keep pushing hard : Your physical self influences your spirituality. Hosea 14:1, Hosea 14:4

How hard are you striking to break the filthiness in you and embrace the grace of God?

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Preacher: Bro. Emmanuel

Passionate or Polite Christian 2

The level of our job does not define you but how you do it. When you do things passionately, you have quick rewards.
The greatest commandment is love the lord your God with all your heart. That’s being passionate. Good works does not necessarily produce good character but good character will always produce good works.

We have to put on the cloth of zeal in order to scale through the world. Zeal keeps us going regardless of what brings us down.
What will keep you warm is when you have the passion that keeps you going. However, we can be zealous but we may not be zealous for the right thing. God rescinded his anger over the children of Israel because of Phineas zeal and he was commended for it because every other person were looking while the same cause for the problem is been brought into the camp by an high official. Phineas drove his spear through both of them and the anger of God was dowsed.
You can feel the spear of God going through you but you can feel the love even more.
God wants us to take off the filthy things and face him.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

How hard are you striking? : Passionate or Polite Christianity?

God wants to build us from within. God wants to check certain things in our lives if only we allow him.
The focus on the children of Israel was on the miracles rather than on the miracle worker. King Joash thought prophet Elisha will do another miracle again to destroy the enemies rather than make him go through all the hassle of striking the ground and dealing with the enemies himself. It was so disappointing that the King was expecting miracles but the man of God told him to do “Lame things”.
When we are fearful, everything rotates around what you are afraid of. Similarly, if we fear God, everything  revolves around him.
Before you can win in the physical, we have to win in the spirit realm first. We all want physical miracles but how strong are we spiritually?
God is not looking for polite Christians but he is looking for passionate Christians. King Joash was polite in his dealings with the prophet but was  not passionate about the victory that God wants to give him and therefore not only was his reign cut short but also caused the children of Israel to be taken captives again. Too long we have been polite in our work with God but what he requires from us is passion to server and follow him.
When God tells you to destroy somethings in your life, how do you react? Do you take up the challenge and put in all effort to destroy those sins or you are lethargic in your ways just as king Joash?

What is more important is what God thinks about us and not what people thinks about us and that made David to receive blessings from God and Michal receive curse from God.
How many times have we allowed people to suffer due to our lack of passion?
Are you passionate about Christ or being polite in your walk with him?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor


How hard are you striking?

Relationship is better than religiosity. How often have we sat in a corner and lived with hatred in our heart?
Elisha until his last breathe never grumbled even when he knew he will die with sickness despite the double portion anointing that was upon him. When we live with so much negativity, we tend to loose and not enjoy the goodness of God. Though King Joash never loved Elisha, yet he knew that he was a man of God and he came to Elisha because of his selfish ambition and not because he loved Elisha.
Change of location does not change your attitude. Elisha had the choice of grumbling because he had the double portion of Elijah and yet he is at the point of death struck with sickness despite all the miracle that happened through him.
When God gives you double, be prepared for double responsibility and he is interested in our approach but too often we have held the wrong approach.
How do you deal with your stinking attitude?
God was pouring out salvation and deliverance upon Israel  but the king was not excited about the deliverance but was rather lackadaisical.
The greatest enemy is the one you can’t see. For we do not wrestle against flesh. Elisha told Joash to shoot in the air because he knew that the enemies we can’t see is more than the enemies we can see. If the lord open your eyes then you will see that weapon of our warfare is not carnal. We are fighting against principalities and power.s We should be slow to anger, slow to speak but quick to listen.
When things doesn’t make sense to you it makes sense to God if only you are in the right attitude with God.

How hard are you striking?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

You are a fragrance of God

Can we say that all the Apostles Jesus chose were mistakes? Let’s take a closer look at the personality of the 12 he chose as his Apostle: fishermen, government officials, politician, doubter, brothers of conflicting views, cheater.

When Jesus chose all of the Apostles, he did it  to give them an opportunity to change. Jesus knew Judas was a cheater but he only chose him to give him a second chance but Judas didn’t change but the rest of them did. So also unto us, God constantly gives us opportunity to change and we have a choice to either accept or decline.
Jesus chose and appointed us for so as to bear fruit. As Christians we don’t think like the heathens: we loose some, we win some but in Christ we win some and learn some.
As long as you are in the anointing of Jesus, you will always be successful in all you do. When the disciples came together, they were smelly but Jesus transformed them.
The reason why people have not believed Jesus is because you are not emitting the fragrance of Christ.
Faithfulness always lead to fruitfulness.

Prayer: God help me to be fruitful and let my fruit remain.

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Preacher: Pastor John Malcolm.