One thing I seek

Regardless of whatever situation David went through he still came into the presence of God. Just because you call yourself a christian does not make you a christian. Your act defines who you are. Christian means Christ-like and therefore if you don’t fully exhibit things Christ-like behavior then you are not qualified to be a christian.

The essence for creation of man is to have fellowship with God. God created man to have constant communion with him.
Too often we are trapped with the good things we have while God has the best thing in stock for us. God wants to have an intimacy with you. The moment we talk to God, he gives us all his attention.

-0- What are we seeking today?

We often get mad at the Lord just as Martha got mad at Jesus but Jesus replied and said one thing is needful. What you are seeking defines you.
People can guarantee a lot of things and fail but one thing is sure, when you seek the lord, he would be found. God understands every motive behind your thoughts but if you forsake him, he will reject you forever.

-0- Where are you dwelling?

What kind of environment are you surrounding yourself with? If you surround yourself with the presence of God, you will be like him and if you surround yourself with grumblers, you will be like them likewise. There will always be people who will deflect you from serving the lord.

-0- Where are you gazing?
When you gaze upon God’s beauty and holiness, it gives you a Godly anger.

One thing I seek, that I may dwell in the house of the lord to gaze upon your beauty.

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor Z.

Look what the Lord has done

Before we see what the lord has done we have to see and understand what the devil has done in our lives first to have a big picture of what God has done.
There lived a man in the tomb and no one could bind him because he had legions of demon in him but yet there was still a cry within this man. Needless to say he was demon possessed, when he saw Jesus he still bowed on his knees. At the mention of the name of Jesus, every knees shall bow. The legions are 6000 demons as assumed by bible scholars. Jesus had to leave the Jews and he went to the gentiles just because of a man.
The only reason why Jesus went to Gerasa was just because of the demon possessed man. He passed through the storm and through the raging sea just because of one man. So also unto us Jesus will always come for us no matter how hard the problem we are going through.
The devil wants you to stay in the tomb. Tomb is a place where dead people stay. In our day and age, death could be spiritual. The bible say the devil roars like a lion seeking for who to devour but he is not a lion. The only lion is the lion of the tribe of Judah.
The devil wants us to look good on the outside just like the beautiful tombs but what is inside are dead bones.
When the devil possesses you, no man can tame you. When you don’t have Jesus in your life then you are void. Peace does not mean absence of trouble but rather  in the midst of the challenges we still have a sound mind.
We need to appreciate what God has done for us daily and not taking his love for granted.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor.

Password to success in life: SURRENDER

We are in the moment where wickedness is the order of the day. When we start reading the word of God we always feel sleepy on an average but does not happen to us when we watch movies.
The devil permits us to be religious but not having a relationship with God.
Surrender means coming to a point in which we have no power of our own again and simply handing the baton to God. Jesus himself even though he is God, surrendered to the will of his father.
Did you receive Jesus in your life or you are religious in your way? The reason for Jesus ccoming into this world is to set an example for us.
The reason for Jesus’s success was because he fully surrendered to God. We all want to have complete control of our lives. Too often we are living our christian lives by outsourcing some part of our lives to God. We want God to know what we do in church but after church, we don’t want God to know anything.
God wants our whole body in. He wants us to be a living sacrifice. God created us to have relationship with him.
The rich young ruler went to meet Jesus and asked what he could do to inherit heaven. Jesus replied by telling him to sell everything he had but the man went with a very sad face. The rich young ruler chose not to follow Jesus because he didn’t want to surrender everything.
You can have several plans but God’s plan will always prevail. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, he never grumbled but simply obeyed. Also Isaac would have ran away but he also understood complete surrender to his father.
If you completely surrender, God will provide for you. No Jesus -> No heaven -> No surrender -> No success.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor.

Staying full of God Pt2

Sometimes we get so used to having Christian terminology but fail to deal with the real problems in our lives. God is more interested in the inside and not on the outside. It is easier to change the outside than the inside.

When we have gratefulness in our heart, it overflows (Romans 1:18-21). When we put God in a box, we are not glorifying God. Putting God in a box simply means believing he could solve some of our problems and not all. If you want breakthrough in your life, start being grateful. Every time you are tempted to grumble, replace it with gratefulness and thanksgiving

Imaginations: It means conception. Becoming vain in our imagination simply means thinking negativity. That is things that work against God’s word. Vain imaginations work against you. That’s what godless people do (Matt 12:35).

Where your treasure is so is your heart. Whatever you fill your life with becomes treasures of your life. However, both good things and evil things are considered treasures (Mark 7:21-23, Prov 23:7). What are you treasuring?

Don’t try to be fishers of men, just follow Jesus and he will make you fishers of men.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

Staying full of God

The greater the challenges, the greater the victory and the more test, the greater the testimonies we will have in 2016.
We tend to loose the joy that God wants to give us because of our busy schedules. We all want the fullness of God but can we say we are living in the fullness of God yet?
One of the principle of living in the fullness of God is learning to be contended with what we have.
The most difficult thing to find is what we already have because we never lost it.

There is no excuse of saying there is no God.
Being godless does not mean not knowing God; you can know God and still be godless. (Romans 3)

To live a God-full life:
1. Glorify or magnify God in everything you do.
It involves exalting the name of God. godless people do not glorify God but God-full people do.
We magnify our problems more than our God. Through our thinking we can make God big or small.
How big is God in your life?
You have to see with your own eyes that God is very Big. Irrespective of your problems, God will do what he has to do in your life. Just believe.
There are many believers that are yet godless because they are not magnifying God but rather glorifying their problems.
The more David glorified God even in his problems, the more victories he had.
(Mark 9:23)
2. Be thankful
The moment we start being grateful, the more great victories we have (2 tim 3). We cannot understand God’s kingdom principle with our democratic mindset.
We become unthankful because of our democratic mindset. Jesus having known the time of his death during the last supper still gave thanks to God.The bible says he took the bread and gave thanks.

3. God-full thinking and imaginations
Christianity is not about doing the right thing but living the right way.
4. Good heart

We all have the option of living a God-full life or living a Godless life. Your choice?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor.

Is there room in the inn?

The bible didn’t say the inn keeper was rude but in our mindset, we have an intuition that the inn keeper was rude.  Luke 2
What if the the inn keeper was good?
When the messiah was supposed to be born, there was no room for him in the inn because that time was about the peak period for businesses.
The life of Jesus has always been a life of rejection.

3 i’s engendering the absence of room in the inn
1. Ignorance: There was no excuse for the inn keepers not to know the time that Jesus will be born because quite a lot of people knew including the wise men and king Herod. They were either ignorant or they chose to be ignorant.
The inn keepers missed the messiah because they chose to be ignorant.
The same situation that happened 2000 years ago is still happening today.  There is no room for Jesus even till now.

2. Indifference: There was no fear of God in their heart. No attachment was given to the messiah but they were rather comfortable with what they were doing. No one could offer their room for the king to be born not even the inn keeper. There was absolute lack of interest and concern.

3. Involved: They were too involved in the worldly things. They were too involved in making money and going around with their business. They preferred to wine and dine and enjoy their wealth than to welcome the King of all Kings.

There is still little room for Christ in the world today. The outside appearance might look good but what about the inside?
Search your heart: Is there still room for Jesus Christ today?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor.

Peace Maker or Peace Keeper: Ex-drug dealer turn Pastor : Experience sharing

God wants more than we want. God is looking for men and women that will cause trouble. Resolute and radical Christians that will not compromise their faith and go all out for Jesus.
God does not want to take things from you but wants to capture things. He wants wants to use it for his glory. When you take a step and give your life to Jesus, you are joining the army of God. God wants peace makers and not peace keeper who will stand for God. Peace makers declare war.
For us to see the revival of God’s power, there must be a demonstration of Gods power. People have to see before they believe. Our Job is not to go out to witness to people but we have to show by example.
Those who don’t know God needs to see God in you. We need some Gideon for God.
The wisdom of man is foolishness, we need the Holy Ghost to do the work of God.

Are you a peace maker or a peace keeper?

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Preacher: Pastor Albert Paredes.

Living Water : Spiritual Standard Measurement

As Christians, we have to be prepared at all time both in season and out of season. When we are living in a world of obedience, God gives us powerful vision and dreams.
In every milestone, It is very important you measure yourself. However, we measure our success and our lives based on the standard of this world. God has his own measuring standard which is the word of God. We have to look at the word of God to ascertain our stand in the world. We have to take an inventory of our lives.
The word of God is our manual. The vision God gave to Ezekiel can be likened to our spiritual growth. If your foundation is not right then there is absolutely nothing to be built upon. Don’t base your foundation on man but on the word of God. The measuring standard of God changes as you measure up to scale.
God requires us to go deeper into his word. Again God was telling Ezekiel about knee-deep water which means we need to move to another level of maturity.The knee signifies point of surrender. The water went up from ankle deep to knee-deep and now it was waist-deep.
Waist-deep level is where God takes total control of our life. The significance of waist is that it has the reproduction parts. God wants us to reproduce. God wants us to be fruitful.
The waist also signifies complete surrender. It’s a place where we allow God to take perfect control. When we surrender our lives to God, God will bring fruitfulness to us. Eph 6:14
The more we walk with God the more we become fruitful. Even if you are fruitful, what kind of fruit are we producing?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor.

Living Water: Spectator or Participator, a choice to be made

Too often we are spectators of Gods blessings and not participators. Inasmuch as God has great plans for us yet we have choices. We can either choose to be a spectator or participator of that plan.
God is not looking for participators and not spectators. People who will take their rightful place and claim all the blessings he has for them.
We hasten to listen to what the devil says about us than what God says. We are easily inclined to negative thoughts rather than positive thoughts. John 7:27-29.

You have to enter into the tabernacle through Judah. There is no second way to enter. That is you have to enter into God’s presence through praise.
However, praise is really difficult and that is why it is called a sacrifice of praise. When you praise God, you are holding the neck of your enemy. That is claiming the blessings of Judah.  The reason why the swan plants were not moving was because they chose to disconnect themselves from the living water. The more we hunger in spirit, the more he comes. Our journey with Christ should be full of joy and not a burden.
When the true problems come in our lives, are we soaring or are we sorrowing?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor.

The greatest miracle of all time: A changed life

Miracles are birth via desperation. Physical miracle are pleasing to the soul. For example, raising the dead. It is huge to us but it is nothing to God. The greatest miracle of all is a change life because God can’t make that happen. We have to make it happen ourself because it is our decision.
God wants to change us from inside out. We can easily change the outside self but its hard to change the inner self.
The curse of generation is very strong from the father to the fourth generation but we can only break it if we have a changed heart. It called the cursive generation and Jesus came to break those curses.
Human inherit certain behaviors and certain sins from our parents but there is something different within us which is the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. Do not be conformed with the things of the world but be transformed.
Jesus breaks bond but we have to offer him those bonds to him. We have to loosen ourself.
Forgiveness releases you. When you live with unforgiveness, it is like you drinking poison and expecting someone else to die. You will die!!!
Those situation doesn’t define you but God does.

What extent do we go to change the inside self?

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Preacher: Pastor Diana McKinnis.