A beautiful lame excuse

There can be harvest but if we don’t have the wisdom to handle the the harvest, it becomes a problem
Act 3:1-10
Though it’s a beautiful gate but things were not beautiful at the beautiful gate.
Ninth hour is a time of sacrifice. We all come to God with our needs and we get satisfied where we are but we shouldn’t be satisfied. We need to hope higher
If you don’t see it, you will miss it. The hardest thing to break is our mentality. God wants us to have a new mentality.
The price have been paid, the harvest is there but you need to reach out for it.
The lame man was expecting money but Peter gave him what he had which is Jesus.
It is not what we need, but what God thinks we need
The lame man has been lame for 40 years and 40 is significance. It means the generation of Man, trials and testing.
Peter was able to stand up and speak because he has also received the power in the upper room.
There have to be an overflow when there is harvest

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

Jesus and The Word are one

How has your understanding of the Bible grown?
Our faith depends on the understanding of the Bible which is the word of God
The Bible is not just another book. The bible is the only book we don’t read from beginning to end.
2 Tim 3:16, Psalms 12,16
Some verses are not included in NIV bible such as Matt 17:21 to mention a few.
There are 44 letters in the first verse and last verse of the bible and number 4 stands for light, world.
Middle verse of the bible Psalm 117 has 33 words and the bones in a vertebrate is 33 bones
Number 6 stands for man
Romans 6:6
Number 5 symbolizes God’s grace, goodness
John 3:16 has 25 words which is divisible by 5 which means grace
Jesus Christ is in 188 chapters
Mark 16: 9-20 is in the NIV but not in confidence

Web service: webchannel.purebiblesearch.com
55 words was the response of Jesus to Satan when he was tempted
God is love
Total verses in the Bible is 31102. If you divide it by 2, u have 15551
Number 1 means God and 5 means grace

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True worshippers

Spirit: To communicate with God
Truth: we need to be honest with God
John 4:23-24
When God doesn’t do what we want, it affects our faith. This is because we don’t believe that he is God.
We have to be honest with God to be honest with ourselves. In our prayers, work with him, relationship with others and our daily walk.
Sometimes we build our faith on the idea of Jesus not on the relationship with Jesus and that’s bad. Our faith should be built out of relationship
Psalm 10:1
If we are not having a real relationship with Jesus then we can just forget about serving God
God desires real people that loves him not Sunday sing-along.
Relationship with Christian is different from relationship with Christ

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Do you have the character to pursue?

When God gives plenty, he gives us the anointing and wisdom to handle such blessing.
God promises are voice activated. In certain situations we can either speak, pray, bless or prophesy.
Ezekiel 37:1-14
Ezekiel had to prophesy again and again. Many Christian loose the joy of God because we stop too early. Do you have the have the character to assess the situation?
God wants us to assess the situation from close range. Ezekiel was somewhere in but God took him out so he can assess the situation in a close range.
Only when we assess the situation and see how desperate we are, then we can fix our eyes on Jesus.
Do you have the character to believe God?
God doesn’t speak the prophecy but he asked man to prophesy over the dry bones. Prophesy over your life.
God has the ability to open the ear of dry bones. God wants us to have the character to pursue our prophecy.
God wants us to prophesy upon our situation
God raised them to be an exceeding army but they had a defeated mentality. God wants to bring us out of the graves as well as taking us out of our defeated mentality.
Pursue your prophecy

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Can Jesus trust you?

Harvest is hard work but the fruits are great. If you want to see the good thing of God in your life, you need to trust God completely.
The blessings of God comes but how good are you in handling the blessings? The large part of the Gospel has been reduced to affirmation by most Christians.
Everyone wants an endorsement. If u trust God, you don’t need an affirmation from anyone. However, it needs character to get to that stage.
God’s word is plain
John 20: 30 – 31, John 2:11, John 2:23-25
People are looking for signs instead of God and we are gradually becoming a church that is following miracles which is not the foundation that Jesus laid.
The foundation in life is to know Jesus and it involves character.
Because they were living from miracles to miracles that’s why they could should hosanna and later said crucify him.
Will you still be faithful to God even when u don’t see any miracles?

Jesus trusted Apostle John. John was called the son of thunder. Luke 9:49-50, 53-55

Things John was trusted with?
1. Jesus trust John to write the book of John
2. Jesus was able to trust John with his mother

Mark 1:19-21
John was daring enough to stand at the cross when Jesus was crucified.
The same way you trust Jesus, can Jesus also trust you?

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Character Pt3

If we want to see God work in our lives, we need to have the character of God and how we react to situations.
Without the moral character, power is abused. Man can use negativity to create things.
If your character is not predictable then something is wrong. Choosing character in this day and age is very difficult. Ephesians 2:8
You are God’s workmanship and your character must be built right.No one has been created for evil but we choose via our character.
Joseph: A man of character
Genesis 37
Jacob gave Joseph the cloak to signify authority. In all the things that happened to Joseph, he never compromised his character. Your character will take you through. It’s all about what God has to say.
Are you choosing to be an image of Christ in every area of your life?
Jesus is coming soon !!!

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True Seeker: Character vs Reputation

Character, compassion and conviction are the 3 C’s that makes a good seeker. Usually we follow things instead of following God. Jesus of the word. Are you willing to follow Jesus?
God is more interested in your character than any other thing. Gen 1:26
Before giving man dominion and authority, God gave us his character. The first thing is to have the image of God in your life. However, man chose to do evil. Psalm 139, Romans 8:29
Character cannot be created or invented. The Greek translation of hypocrite is a great actor. How long have we prayed for people for healing and when you are sick, you don’t believe God for your healing.
There is difference between character and reputation.
Character = who you are or what God will say to you on the judgement day
Reputation = is what people think you are or what the Pastor will say at your funeral
Sadly, people are chasing talent rather than character. Samson was a man of great reputation but of loose character.
Trials and testing don’t build your character but they reveal it. True test of good character is predictability i.e your character should be predictable
Is ur character predictable?
wwjd : what will Jesus do
Do you look like Jesus?

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Being as children

When we pray, miracles happen. We need to be like children before God to receive the best from him.
The greatest achievement is that Jesus died for us. Matt 18:1-5, Mark 9:38-39, psalms 46:10
We need to be still and enjoy the blessings of God. We need to appreciate his greatness. Psalm 103, Psalm 119:164

Things to learn from little children

1. Seeing how children adore their parent, lets adore God like that
Spending more time in his presence is a proof that we love him

2. Total enjoyment: we need to come to God with expectation
psalm 16:11

3. Total trust
we need to let go and let God. Even of when things are not totally clear, we still need to trust God. God wants us to be humble.

Challenge: Try stopping 7 times a day to praise God.

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Jesus have a name

Jesus have a name and his name is the word of God
The resurrection of Jesus was the greatest thing that happened. Everything to lose, unless resurrection is to true
The stone was put in there so that no one can steal and even if he rose up, he won’t be able to escape.
Phil 2:5
Jesus was rewarded because of his obedience not for his sacrifices. Adams disobedience brought death but Jesus obedience brought life
Eph 2, John 20:17
The reason why Jesus went to his father first is because he has to get the life from his father so he can give it to us in abundance.
Prov 23:22, John 15
Holy spirit not only gives us new life but also new nature
Holy spirit help us to be holy
Eze 36
Repentance leads to resurrection. Every one sins but few repent
Because Jesus live then we can live also

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True Seeker: Character

True seeker goes beyond just lip service but putting action to your faith. We all want to come to a place where we fall in love to God. However, how do we respond to the love of God?
How can we understand God without reading the word of God
The Bible gives us day to day instruction

The 3 C’s of true seeker
1. Character
2. Compassion
3. Conviction

Character: is determined by who we base our character upon. We like Jesus but we don’t see him as a superhero. We need to make Jesus our superhero because man will fail. Matt 5:13-16, Matt 5:43-48
You feeding the sheep should be based on your love for Christ.
Too often we love the sheep rather than loving Jesus.
Matt 15:7-20

Points to note:

1. Character is who you are not what you do or say

Character is who you are in whatever circumstances you are put in. It is who you are even when nobody is watching. We cannot fool God

2. Character is a choice
Deut 30:15-20, Joshua 24:14-15
It’s a daily choice
What is the character that you are following?

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