The Bible (Part 1)

A spiritual death happens when there is famine of the word of God. Amos 8:11
The reason for the famine is because the people didn’t want to hear the word of God.

Bible comes from biblia in Latin and biblos in Greek. The terms mean book or books respectively.
If you want fall in love with the word of God then u need to know the basics. The Bible is a compilation of 66 books by 40 authors during a period of approximately 1,500 years

The Bible was originally in 3 Languages
– Old testament was written in Hebrew and a percentage in Aramaic
– New testament was written Koine Greek

The Bible contains several more divisions beside the old and new testament: the pentateuch (1st 5 books), the historical books, the poetry and wisdom books, the books of prophesy, the gospel, the Epistles and prophesy

The pentateuch is form 2 Greek words pente (5) and teuchos (scrolls). It is attributed to Moses
In Hebrew, pentateuch is Torah meaning the law or instructions. Genesis contains most of history and Job is considered the oldest book in the Bible. The author is not known.
The historical books of Israel is from Joshua to Esther. Psalms have different authorship but David being the notable one. Others are anonymous
Psalm, job, proverbs, Ecclesiastes, song of songs are books of poetry and wisdom

There are 4 major prophet: Isaiah, Daniel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel because they have longer chapter
There are 5 major books because Lamentations was written by Jeremiah.
The books of prophesy is Isaiah to Malachi. Daniel and Ezekiel were the contemporary prophet
Minor prophet Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah,Micah, Nahum,habakkuk  to Malachi

After Malachi, there was 400 years of silence of God’s word. After silence, then new testament. I.e Gospel
The gospel comes from the Anglo-Saxon which means God-Spell which translates from the Greek word Euangelion meaning good news

There are 3 synoptic gospel; Matthew, Mark, Luke because they have the same view point. John’s approach to the Gospel and recording of Jesus life and ministry is unique
Luke was with Paul and a Doctor. He was accompanying Paul everywhere he goes. Luke was writing to one of his friend who is a gentile Theophilus

Matthew was written for the Jewish crowd. John perspective is from the disciples approach

Epistles are letters written to the fledgling churches
13 epistles written by John, General epistles James
Revelation: prophecy books

The Christian faith is based on the Bible

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When Jesus calls

Jesus calls all the time. When Jesus called the disciples, they left their nets and followed him immediately. Matt 4:20

What happens when you are called?
1. Listen
2. Act

What we are listening to? God or Noise
Are our decisions based on ideas or the word of God?
If we are actively listening to the word of God, we will not fall. Even if you stagger, because you are built on the word of God which is a rock, you will stand firm again.
God calls you everyday. He is here for habitation
When Jesus calls, we need to make a decision to follow. When we follow, we dont get to do things our own way. All we need is to completely follow

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Unto us a child is born

God is giving us a child as gift. Isa 9:6-7
Why Jesus came as a child is because the eternal separation was broken between God and man. There was spiritual connection that happened and made the bridge.
Gen 3:15
In life, something unexpected happens. You might face something unexpected but it is something that God expects. The ruler of our government is that of a complete justice. It’s a government full of love. What is happening in the current government is the opposite of the government of God.
What can I do differently this Christmas?

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Holy Spirit – Jesus in me

Jesus gave eternal life thru his spirit. Gen 2:7, John 20:22. Holy spirit is a person (John 17:23, Col 1:27) and the mystery of Christ is that he is in us (John 7:38)
Trinity can be explained as father being the spring or source of water, the son as water or living water and the spirit as living water flowing from our belly.

Works of the Holy Spirit

1. The Holy Spirit guides us into all the truth. John 16:13
Truth is the key that makes the fact whole
Truth links fact together and gives meaning to the facts. The society knows so much fact but less truth
Fact raises questions but truth provides solution

2. Holy spirit brings us closer to the father. Roms 8:15
3. Holy spirit helps us to obey. Ezekiel 36:27
4. Holy Spirit helps us to love. Roms 5:5, 1 John 4:19
Love is like money. You can only give if you have. You have to receive it from God thru the Holy Spirit. Gal 5:17

Power of the holy spirit: Eph 5:18.
Being drunk with wine gives boldness to do bad thing but being filled with the spirit gives boldness to do good (exploit).

How to receive the Holy Spirit
All you need to do is to ask and God’s will is perfect. Luke 11:11, Roms 12:2

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The young for the old

Text: Matthew 9:18–26, Mark 5:21-42, Luke 8:40-56
The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old. A young person without strength is an old person in disguise.
Lessons Learnt
1. Everyone will hit a level of incompetence (Numbers 11)
2. Sometimes we have to open doors and let God fix it along the way (2 chronicles 29:3)
3. All you need for your lifting is around you
4. If people don’t resist you, God cannot assist you

Milk is for babes and meat is for adult (Hebrews 5:13)
This message is for 2 categories of people:
1. Old: people that has been in the faith for so long and church is being endured (Starvation)
2. New Believers: Psalm 8:2

It takes the death of a young girl for the old woman to receive her breakthrough.

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Survival mentality

God uses available vessels. God has called everyone to an area of ministry
It’s wrong to live like a survival. God has not called us to be a survival but more than overcomer
Too long we have been giving the devil footstool
1 John 2:15-16, Gen 6:3
Lust of the flesh, Lust of the eyes, Pride of life are the 3 strategies the devil uses
Roms 8:37

How to be an overcomer
1. In prayer. Jesus was able to overcome because he was an overcomer in prayer
Your prayer life is based on your constant walk with God. The highest place you could ever be is at the feet of Jesus
Some people are responsible Christians but not happy Christians which is not of God
Church has to be enjoyed not endured
2. Promises of God
3. Presence of God

We could be 75% all out for God but let our guard down for 25%. The devil uses the 25%
Don’t let down guard

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I will do a new thing now

Bold declaration of the word of God removes all doubts and increases our confidence in God. You cannot win a race without racing. Isa 43:18-19

New things that God wants to do:
1. Road in the wilderness
– Wilderness is not necessary a bad thing in our lives
Unless you have a wildernesses experience you won’t appreciate what God is doing in your life.
It was in the desert that God revealed himself to Moses in the burning bush to bring back his people

1 kings 19:14
God revealed something powerful to Elijah in the wilderness. It was in the wilderness that God revealed that he should appoint Elisha and that was where the double portion anointing happened.
John the Baptist was in the wilderness preaching. It is only in the wilderness that you can experience God
Eph 3:20
Jesus went into wilderness experience for 40 days. The spirit led him into the wilderness before he started his ministry.
If you are going through a wilderness experience, then you are on the right track
The wilderness experience was what made David kill Goliath. His wilderness experience was that of killing lion etc when he was a Shepherd.

2. Rivers in d desert
– God’s unlimited ability to transform is greater than your limited ability to see
We quit right in the midst of the wilderness because we can’t see
Mark 4:28
If there is no seed then there is no harvest. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.
In the wilderness, forgetting leads to renewal

When you are facing flood he will make a dry ground and when there is dry ground he will make rivers of water. Isa 43:25

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The power of sowing and reaping

There is nothing in the kingdom of God that just happens. There must be a trigger for the blessing. Whatever we see or wants to see is based on what we have planted. Gen 8:22
What happens in the physical affects the spiritual. Ecc 11:3, 2 corith 9:6

3 P’s that you need to sow in
1. Pastor / church : Mal 3:10. You are allowed to test God only through tithe
2. Parent / family : Matt 15:4, 19:19, Gen 1:7. It’s your responsibility to take care of your parent regardless of whatever they have done wrong to you
3. Poor / stranger : lev 19:10, 25:35, prov 10:4

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Believing a lie

The danger of believing a lie is death. 1 King’s 13:1-34, 1 King’s 26-28
You cannot have your way with God’s way. Everything was going according to plan for the man of God from Judah but there is a trap.
1. After a great success, we tend to relax. The prophet from Judah was still procrastinating by sitting under the oak tree instead of proceeding to his city.
2. If the old prophet was a good prophet God would have sent him
The young prophet fell into the trap of Godly man not an unbeliever. The word of God is simple, don’t complicate it.
Read the word of God to confirm everything that is being said on the alter or by any preacher. 2 Tim 2:15
One lie was good enough to kill the young prophet.
What is the lie you are believing in?
If the man had returned to Judah safe, maybe Jeroboam would have changed. But because the lion killed the prophet, Jeroboam might have thought that the prophet wasn’t real.
We shouldn’t just read the word of God but meditate on the word of God.
If you don’t have time to meditate on the word of God, your priority is messed up.

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Abide in me

God gives us different moment and he uses those moment to build a momentum. God doesn’t give you choices but promises.
There is a process we have to go thru just to get the promises of God. John 15:1-10
Airo: is the Greek word for he takes away. It also means he elevates
God is taking us from no fruit to more fruit to much fruit
Titus 3:14, matt 5:16
He will give us time to bear fruit but if we don’t then he will cut us off. It’s not how you define grace but how God defines grace
1 john 4:15
Confession empowers you to work and you cannot bear fruit on your own. You must be in the vine.
Pruning means cleansing.

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