Hell have gates

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Precious Adams

Hell has gates because Satan hides what he steals. Believe in what you want yet you have to act upon your belief. Your mind is a gate because it processes things and transfers it to your heart where the action is takes place. Matt 16:18
Everyday a person have about 60,000 thoughts and you can never think of two things at once.
Meditate on the word of the Lord and his goodness. The more you do that, it will become a part of you and create crevice in your brain.
Protect your gate which is your mind. Guard it to prevent any evil front entering through. Thoughts are like cobwebs if not dealt with they become string then rope and it becomes a bondage (chains).
Open your gates and let God bless you.

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

What are you doing with the power Jesus gave you?

Preacher: Bro. Emmanuel
Editor: Emmanuel

From Solderhood to drifting and its remedies, to arise and shine. What are you doing with the power Jesus gave you?
Matthew 10:1
Eph 6:12, Isa 40:10
Christianity is power. People only respect the one with power
1 Kings 18:36-39
Elijah never asked for fire.
Fire came as a result of the demonstration of the power of God

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Preacher: Bro. Emmanuel

Arise and Shine

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Precious Adams

God will never force you to love him it is a choice you make. If you want to see a revival you have to prepare yourself and come with a willing heart.
For example: a farmer prepares his ground before hand to ensure healthy growth from the planted seed. Pray for those around you don’t be self centered
Isaiah 60:1-2
Rise above your challenges, trust in God and the glory of the Lord will rise above you. All he asks of you is to Arise, Shine and walk in the light.
Act 12:5-7
We need to arise in prayer. No situation is challenging for God. All it takes is for you to hold onto prayer and arise.
Luke 5:18
Take a step of faith and arise
A good winning mentality:
Winners are those people who stand up one more time after being struck down. Winning doesn’t mean you never fail but it means you will never quit

How do we shine:
Darkness is the absence of light. You have to be transformed and you will shine wherever you go
Colossians 1:9-13
Lord has delivered us from the of darkness and translated us into the kingdom of his dear son who is the light in our life
Acts 4:13
When you hang around Jesus your light will shine.
We are like diamonds God has shaped and polished us and when the light shines through us it disperses and brings a spectrum for people to see.
God is light and in him there is no darkness at all. 1 John 1:5-7

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

Remedies against drifting

How has the message you have been hearing since changed you?
Change does not happen automatically but drifting does.
If you take the action towards the devil, you will sink.
To recognize the the power of the devil, you need to understand the power of God

Remedies against drifting
1. Keep rowing
The beat we row to is the word of God and we must learn to take one step at a time
2 Peter 1:5-10
Sometimes we have become barren Christians.
Phil 3:12- 15
Paul says he keeps rowing. 2 corth 4:16

2. Watch out for under current
Sin is like wild beast waiting to devour
Gen 4:7
Don’t let the under current control you but you control it
1 Peter 2:11, Gal 5:16-18

3. Expect to go against the current
Gen 39:11-15
Sometimes running away is the best sensible thing to do
When we start having conversation with the devil, we fall for it
Matt 7:13-14

4. We must have a strong anchor
Cool 2:6-7, Eph 4:14-15, Heb 6:18-19, Eph 3:16-18
Our Anchor should be God

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

Are you drifting?

We can always press the refresh button in our lives
Hebrews 2: 1-3
Drifting can happen to anyone so we need to be careful. 1 corth 10:12
Sometimes we realize too late. That is we drift away without realizing.
Little compromise makes us drift. It’s common to Christians to drift away while caught up in different things.
Drifting is spiritually fatal
Demas was a strong man working for God drifted. Phil 1:23-24, Col 4:7-14, 2 Tim 4:9-10
Drifting requires no effort. Drifting takes you downstream or flowing with the current

Signs that you are drifting
1. Shortened prayer life
2. Desire to do other things than the things of God
3. No love for other believers
4. Shortened God’s word

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

Soldier of Christ

We do the right thing without the lord’s strength and you are not enjoying it.
The enemy wants us to loose the joy
2 Tim 2:3-4
Many Christians received Jesus in their head rather than in their heart. The difference between a soldier and a normal christian is enduring hardship.
We are not on the playground but on a battleground. God has entrusted us to be soldiers. If God is your captain, then you have to obey him.

Things you need as a soldier
1. Commission as a soldier
A soldier has to have a commission. Many Christian are soldier but don’t know their commission
Heb 2:10
People know the cross but they don’t know Jesus. Many people are commissioned but we want vacation. It’s not possible
2. Conditioning as a soldier
You need to train yourself
3. Commitment as a soldier
You cannot save anybody, just lead them to who can save which is Jesus. Stop performing, God is not interested in your performance. Start being passionate about God.

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

God is always with you

God uses the worst-possible person in the sight of men to spread his word.
John 5:1-7
People come to church without knowing the power of God. We want God to lead us to our problems.
The man at the pool never knew who was with him. He thought Jesus was just a random man
Sometimes we do long distance relationship with God. However, it doesn’t work
Jesus has come to save the lost. Healing doesn’t start from the church, it start with us.
God is always with you

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Preacher: Bro. Jonathan

The theme of the word

The word of God is written by many authors but one writer. That is men wrote the Bible but God orchestrated it.
The word has life because God breathe in it. The Bible is about one theme: Everybody sins and needs to be saved and that savior is Jesus.
Only the word of God stays the same so do not trust in your feelings because they will fail or change.
The flesh and the spirit are always against each other. The word of the lord is flawless.
Psalm 12:6
We need to trust in the word of the Lord.
Jesus looks like God and has the same character as God. The word is the only thing that kept Eve away from the tree yet its the same word that Satan use to deceive Eve. He made Eve doubt God’s word.
The word of the lord is sharper than two edged sword

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Preacher: Bro. Joseph

Obedience that led to healing

God trains us as we go deeper into the sea of life. We need to know how to face the storm through the help of God. He doesn’t want us to stay at the shore but to go into the sea.

2 kings 5:1-14
God used different people to bring victory to Naaman’s life
An important thing to note about lepers is that they loose sensitivity on the place the disease strike. Sometimes we are spiritual lepers. We have lost the sensitivity of God speaking to us.
Elisha died of disease yet he healed so many people. Don’t try to question God.
The word of God is not an explanation but a declaration. All u need do is obedience

Obedience that lead to healing
1. It took obedience from the part of the slave
Though she was a slave, she had a good attitude. All we need to do is to speak it

2. Naaman’s also had to obey the slave girl
He was desperate for a healing. Therefore he listened. Until you are desperate, you won’t see the move of God. The king tore his robe because he was trusting in his strength instead of trusting on God

3. Obedience from Elisha
He still obeyed his custom regardless of the fame and wealth of Naaman because Israelite cannot see lepers. He told him to go wash

Naaman was ready to go back without getting healed tho he was desperate. If he had gone back, we wont have received the healing. Partial obedience is disobedience

The hardest thing to do is the simple things
Are you willing to have complete obedience?

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor


Concorde, Titanic and Louisiana Superdome have something in common which is fail-proof guarantee. However, they all failed.
Concorde was expensive, beautiful place but prestige over efficacy
Titanic: presumption before the fall
Louisiana Superdome: hit by Katrina hurricane
If there is life, there is hope. Everything that you hope in will disappoint. Only the hope in God doesn’t disappoint
Rom 5:5

People that hoped in the Lord

    1. Daniel: entered lions den
    2. Gideon: proved that numbers means nothing
    3. Mordecai: even with injustice prevailing was recognized and honored by the king
    4. Nehemiah: huge task, few workers, many mockers, but success comes from tge lord
    5. Peter: walked on water
    6. Paul: there was hope even for him that persecuted those that believed

    Just stay true to what God calls you for. There is hope but the question is where will you put your hope?

    What are your options
    1. Hope in wealth – King Solomon
    2. Hope in their own strength – Samson
    3. Hope in a position or prominence – Jeroboam
    4. Hope in Relationship – David and his sons
    5. Hope in Government – people of Israel and their many Kings
    6. Hope in yourself – You and me
    However, hope in God overcomes all.
    Isa 40:31

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    Preacher: Pastor Samantha