Courage for the new chapter

Preacher: Sister Liz and Brother Irvin
Editor: Precious Adams

Everyone has a faith story that is ongoing. Jesus is the author and perfecter. He knows what’s the next chapter. Hebrews chapter 12:2
Isiah 43:19
The meaning of Naomi is pleasantness or my delight and that of Ruth is friendship. Elimelech means my God is King.
Even if you hit rock bottom God has a new chapter for you. God is King, God was King and God will always be King.
Ruth 4:14-15
Have courage to move forward. Lift up your faith as the Lord have your faith story long before you knew. We might not have experienced famine as a form of being deprived from food. However, famine can just be any suffering that makes you push your limits.
Sometimes extreme situations push us to do extreme things
Romans 5:3-5
Being able to choose makes it more courageous. God values your famine.
Sometimes life is about something a little different. If we do something courageous we can make a difference. ENcourage means putting in courage. God gives us the source of hope and the courage to face challenges.

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Preacher: Sister Liz and Brother Irvin

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