Demonstration of God’s Love: Choice

Preacher: Bro. Joseph
Editor: Precious Adams

RECAP: Malachi means messenger
The book begins with God asking “I have loved you”
And the people replied “how have you loved us”?

If you come with a heart to desire God, he will always bless you with his presence. Seek him and he will be found
Shut the door on the things that takes you away from God.
Prepare yourself as you come into the temple of God
God only asks for what you have
Do not give defile offerings to the Lord for he will never ask for what you don’t have. Therefore, give your best.

Malachi Chapter 2:
Demonstration of God’s love is choice. God gives people a choice, that’s why there is heaven and hell. Heaven is not supposed to be a torture, that’s why hell is made. God will never force a decision onto you.

Honoring God’s name does not come by default. If you want to honor God’s name, you have to resolve ni your heart.
Focus on the blesser not the blessing, for he is the provider and he deserves the honor.

Numbers 25
Only when you resolve that’s when you will honor God’s name

This week I resolve to honor God in every area of my life

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

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