Don’t play it safe! #WarriorModeActivated

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Precious Adams

We may not see the bigger picture but the Lord still does miracles. God will do something supernatural in your life if you let him in.
Your prayer is the prayer of a warrior as God is not interested in safe Christianity. Enough of the devil oppressing us. Our prayer should be offensive rather than defensive.
Safe mode Christianity means you are contented with whatever the devil brings to you. When a computer is in safe mode, it cannot properly function and has it’s lost important elements however it still works.
Acts 4:13, Mathew 25:14
Don’t be afraid as the Lord has not given us the spirit of fear. Take risks in the Lord and God will be your strength.
Temptations come when you are not in the correct place of battle.

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

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