First Things First : Consider your ways

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Precious Adams

In those times of challenges, and tiredness that is when prayer is critical.
The book of Haggai
God brings a revival where there is an expectation and anticipation of God’ revival.
Haggai means festive

4 sermons of Haggai
2. Courage
3. Cleansing
4. Consummation

Consider your ways
Consider your ways of your prayer life. Build your life on prayer
Victory only happens when the prayer is done right
Haggai 1:7-11

Question to consider?
If you had a vending machine that dispenses a coin a day how would you spend that coin?

Invest in heavenly things.
Revival can happen everyday of your life.
Press on and you will see breakthroughs happen.

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

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