Calvary Church will be fasting & praying in the month of October. During this time we’ll also be feasting on the Word of God. Please feel free to use the Bible reading plan during this period. Also a daily confession is available for your spiritual growth.

1) 40 days Bible reading plan coinciding with the month of fasting. The reading goes on for 10 more days.

Reading Plan
Listening Questions

2) I’m Positive – A 30 days journey towards breaking life-long self defeating habits through God’s Word.

I am Positive

3) Prayer List

Tuen Mun Prayer List
31 days of praying for your Pastor

4) What is fasting?

Fasting Basics
Fasting Types

5) Fasting FAQ

Fasting FAQ

6) Fasting Resources

9 reasons for fasting
Good for the body Bread of life
Making fasting a lifestyle
Fasting that changed history