Is there room in the inn?

The bible didn’t say the inn keeper was rude but in our mindset, we have an intuition that the inn keeper was rude.  Luke 2
What if the the inn keeper was good?
When the messiah was supposed to be born, there was no room for him in the inn because that time was about the peak period for businesses.
The life of Jesus has always been a life of rejection.

3 i’s engendering the absence of room in the inn
1. Ignorance: There was no excuse for the inn keepers not to know the time that Jesus will be born because quite a lot of people knew including the wise men and king Herod. They were either ignorant or they chose to be ignorant.
The inn keepers missed the messiah because they chose to be ignorant.
The same situation that happened 2000 years ago is still happening today.  There is no room for Jesus even till now.

2. Indifference: There was no fear of God in their heart. No attachment was given to the messiah but they were rather comfortable with what they were doing. No one could offer their room for the king to be born not even the inn keeper. There was absolute lack of interest and concern.

3. Involved: They were too involved in the worldly things. They were too involved in making money and going around with their business. They preferred to wine and dine and enjoy their wealth than to welcome the King of all Kings.

There is still little room for Christ in the world today. The outside appearance might look good but what about the inside?
Search your heart: Is there still room for Jesus Christ today?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor.

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