Jesus have a name

Jesus have a name and his name is the word of God
The resurrection of Jesus was the greatest thing that happened. Everything to lose, unless resurrection is to true
The stone was put in there so that no one can steal and even if he rose up, he won’t be able to escape.
Phil 2:5
Jesus was rewarded because of his obedience not for his sacrifices. Adams disobedience brought death but Jesus obedience brought life
Eph 2, John 20:17
The reason why Jesus went to his father first is because he has to get the life from his father so he can give it to us in abundance.
Prov 23:22, John 15
Holy spirit not only gives us new life but also new nature
Holy spirit help us to be holy
Eze 36
Repentance leads to resurrection. Every one sins but few repent
Because Jesus live then we can live also

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Preacher: Bro. Joseph

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