Living in a covenant relationship

Preacher: Pastor Neil Thomas
Editor: Emmanuel

In all relationship, we want to find someone who can anticipate what we need
Covenant is an agreement
Jonathan and David are an example of covenant.
1 Sam 18
Knitting means a God ordained event.
The exchanging of the robe is same as exchanging identity. When we receive Christ, we exchange identity with Christ.
We need to stay in line with the word of God so as to look more like God always.
As we become one with God, our emotions becomes secondary. It only comes thru the power of Christ

1. Change of robes: Identity
A. Change of name
Our old identity is changed when we are baptized
B. Change of Character
Ezekiel 11:19
The world tries to put labels on us but it doesn’t matter if we walk with God because our identity is Christ.
Sometimes we get confused by our thoughts but our thoughts doesn’t define our identity
Temptation is not the sin but acting on the temptation.
C. Examine our words
Psalm 35:28
If we live in the identity of Christ, let your yes be yes and No be No
Our words should be solemn in our oath
Grace is the ability that God gives us to live in his identity

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Preacher: Pastor Neil Thomas

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