Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Precious Adams

When you see the commands of God as only a duty to gain blessing you are checking the boxes however you are not doing it out of love but in obligation. This is the difference between religion and relationship. Aim to have a relationship with God

Signs to look out for in other to have a relationship with God
1. Do your fear God do you honor and respect him

2. Do you treat your brothers and sisters right? Love one another including those that don’t love you

3. Do you have any idols? Don’t put anyone above God

4. Are you keeping the marriage covenant?

There are many loop holes in life and Malachi is like a check point for us. Use God’s words as a plumb line
Is your relationship with God a relationship out of fear?
The last word in the old testament is “curse”
The Bible is a book about Jesus and when we take our eyes off Jesus we lose our way around the Bible.
Malachi 3:13-18, 4:1-6

The Great and Awesome Day is Coming: (Malachi 4)
1. There will be judgement (verse 1)
2. There will be healing (verse 2a)
Isaiah 53:5
When you are hurt, the Lord will heal you permanently. It is a promise
3. There will be rejoicing (2b)
4. There will be victory (verse 3)

Malachi is a book of judgement however, there is a promise if we turn back to God

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

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