One thing I seek

Regardless of whatever situation David went through he still came into the presence of God. Just because you call yourself a christian does not make you a christian. Your act defines who you are. Christian means Christ-like and therefore if you don’t fully exhibit things Christ-like behavior then you are not qualified to be a christian.

The essence for creation of man is to have fellowship with God. God created man to have constant communion with him.
Too often we are trapped with the good things we have while God has the best thing in stock for us. God wants to have an intimacy with you. The moment we talk to God, he gives us all his attention.

-0- What are we seeking today?

We often get mad at the Lord just as Martha got mad at Jesus but Jesus replied and said one thing is needful. What you are seeking defines you.
People can guarantee a lot of things and fail but one thing is sure, when you seek the lord, he would be found. God understands every motive behind your thoughts but if you forsake him, he will reject you forever.

-0- Where are you dwelling?

What kind of environment are you surrounding yourself with? If you surround yourself with the presence of God, you will be like him and if you surround yourself with grumblers, you will be like them likewise. There will always be people who will deflect you from serving the lord.

-0- Where are you gazing?
When you gaze upon God’s beauty and holiness, it gives you a Godly anger.

One thing I seek, that I may dwell in the house of the lord to gaze upon your beauty.

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor Z.

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