Our Mandate: From generation to generation

Preacher: Pastor Samantha
Editor: Chenoa Zacchaeus

Can the church influence the direction of the next generation? This question was prompted by our beloved Pastor Samantha as she shared her desire to impact the next generation. Statistics have revealed how morals, values, and even God’s Word slowly loses priority across generations. In her sermon, Pastor Samantha used kings- David, Solomon, and Rehoboam as an example. King David, as many know, received the title of being a man after God’s own heart. King Solomon, while starting off the race strong, had his heart slowly turn away from God as he chased after women rather than the true living God. By the time Rehoboam became King, Israel became divided as Rehoboam failed to heed the commands of the Lord. On the other hand, Pastor Samantha explained the story of Nehemiah and how he trained up the next generation to listen to the voice of God. He led by example. When the priest defiled the house of God, Nehemiah rebuked and purified the room. Furthermore, he reminded the people of Israel of their identity and instructed them in the commands the Lord had given. Pastor Samantha emphasized the importance of leaving a godly impact on the next generation. Our mandate as Christians is to believe, teach, and walk in accordance with the Word of God. So today, let us consider this: how can you, as the church, influence the direction of the next generation?

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Preacher: Pastor Samantha

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