Passionate or Polite: Queen Esther

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Chenoa Zacchaeus

The story of Queen Esther and how God used her to save the Jews is an awe-inspiring story. Through examining her story, Pastor Trevor delivered a sermon that revealed how God could use us the same way he used Esther. It all boils down to one key thing — passion. In the third chapter of the book, we see that Haman’s hatred towards one man, Mordecai, gave him the desire to wipe out the entire Jewish race. He was passionate, but for the wrong cause. Similarly, Pastor Trevor expressed how the devil destroys individuals that ultimately destroy the whole church! The devil and Haman are both passionate about one thing, that is destruction.

Esther could have responded to Haman’s passion in one of two ways: she could’ve been polite and allowed him to carry on with his plan, or she could respond with a godly passion. If Esther had let passion killers such as fear, vulnerability, or a lack of vision control her decision, God would’ve raised someone else to save the Jews. Instead, she chose to remain passionate through fasting and getting a hold of God. She recognized her purpose as queen and she moved into action despite personal danger. Similarly, God can use each and everyone of us. If we allow passion killers to control us, God will raise up someone else. However, if we do what Esther did and seek God and rely on His strength, who knows the powerful things God will do through us?

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

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