Passionate or Polite Christian : Thoughts

As we step out from the natural to supernatural, what controls our action is our thought.
Gates allows or declines access to something of value so also is out thoughts. What you believe drives you. There are two laws that governs our thoughts scientifically which are:

1. Law of concentration

2. Law of substitution

However we could apply these laws to in our spiritual walk to have healthy christian life. We have to apply the law of concentration on the word of God and apply the law of substitution when thoughts that are negative comes. Substitute it with the good thoughts. The meaning of fear is False Evidence Appearing Real and that is what the devil constantly reminds us of but they are not real. In lieu of fear, apply faith.

The children of Israel could not enter the promised land because they possess an expired passport or mentality. You cannot enter the promised land with an Egyptian mentality. We need to break the stinking thinking. God wants us to be a blessing and longs to build the best case scenario rather than the worst case scenario that the word envisage.
We need to change the recipe of our lives; shut the gates that needs to be shut and open the gates to the word of God.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

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