Kids Bible


This website,, has grown out of, an international Bible information ministry proclaiming God’s Word as the Source of wise counsel and direction in these confusing times. Established in 1996 has grown to include 14 languages with thousands visiting every day. Many of those visitors have been children, although was never designed as a children’s site. It has been the dream of this ministry to develop a site specifically for children from ages 6 to 12 so they can learn in an easy-to-read and attractive format the wonderful truths of Scripture. Our aim is not only to present accurate and informative Bible material, but to make it all come alive with compelling interest to young people who are heavily bombarded with sophisticated media inputs that frequently captivate and control their senses. It is our hope and prayer that will capture and hold the attention of the young in uplifting and enlightening ways.

The main components of this new website are Bible Topics, Stories, Games, and a Bible Lesson Series. In the future we plan to allow children to submit Bible questions which will be answered on the website without violating privacy. This way parents can be actively involved, and keep track of the good things that their children are learning.

Launched in late October, 2002, is still very much a work in progress. What you will see on the site over the next several months is just a small beginning in comparison to better things ahead. So keep checking in as we grow!

Interactive websites with the rich diversity of features that we plan to offer are very labor intensive to construct, requiring an enormous amount development. We want to thank those who are supporting this project with your gifts and prayers, and we appreciate your patience in waiting for this site to blossom from a dream into a fully functioning reality.