Season of persecution

Preacher: Chenoa Zacchaeus
Editor: Emmanuel

Job means persecuted or hated
Not supporting what the world wants will make people hate you. 2 Tim 3:12
When you stand for God, you will suffer persecution. Matt 5:10
Aleph: unity or new beginning
Only when God is in the beginning that’s when it can prosper
Resh: redemption
Job 1:5, Ex 20:25
God never wanted us to be perfect but to know that he is perfect. The altar isn’t perfect but the sacrifice is
Ayin: Love
Romans 5:8
Never let your faith be determined by your circumstance
Vav: weakness of man, manifestation of sin and evils of Satan
Job 1:10-11
The creator is greater than the creation
Stop listening to the label of the devil but the label of God
Tsadi: Bondage
You can feel God’s presence and not be inline with him. Choose your friends wisely
Job 2:11
Direction not intention determines destination
God’s strength is made perfect in our weaknesses
2 Corth 12:9
When you are going through a season of persecution, you have 2 options
1. Push through
2. Back out
Push through anyway

How we come out of that season is what defines us
1 Corth, Isa 40

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Preacher: Chenoa Zacchaeus

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