Soldier of Christ

We do the right thing without the lord’s strength and you are not enjoying it.
The enemy wants us to loose the joy
2 Tim 2:3-4
Many Christians received Jesus in their head rather than in their heart. The difference between a soldier and a normal christian is enduring hardship.
We are not on the playground but on a battleground. God has entrusted us to be soldiers. If God is your captain, then you have to obey him.

Things you need as a soldier
1. Commission as a soldier
A soldier has to have a commission. Many Christian are soldier but don’t know their commission
Heb 2:10
People know the cross but they don’t know Jesus. Many people are commissioned but we want vacation. It’s not possible
2. Conditioning as a soldier
You need to train yourself
3. Commitment as a soldier
You cannot save anybody, just lead them to who can save which is Jesus. Stop performing, God is not interested in your performance. Start being passionate about God.

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

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