Living Water: Spectator or Participator, a choice to be made

Too often we are spectators of Gods blessings and not participators. Inasmuch as God has great plans for us yet we have choices. We can either choose to be a spectator or participator of that plan.
God is not looking for participators and not spectators. People who will take their rightful place and claim all the blessings he has for them.
We hasten to listen to what the devil says about us than what God says. We are easily inclined to negative thoughts rather than positive thoughts. John 7:27-29.

You have to enter into the tabernacle through Judah. There is no second way to enter. That is you have to enter into God’s presence through praise.
However, praise is really difficult and that is why it is called a sacrifice of praise. When you praise God, you are holding the neck of your enemy. That is claiming the blessings of Judah.  The reason why the swan plants were not moving was because they chose to disconnect themselves from the living water. The more we hunger in spirit, the more he comes. Our journey with Christ should be full of joy and not a burden.
When the true problems come in our lives, are we soaring or are we sorrowing?

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor.

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