The Burden of Love

Preacher: Pastor Trevor
Editor: Precious Adams

God speaks to us constantly through his word. All we need do is to align yourself.
Give your all to God. Offer yourself as a living sacrifice

What does Malachi mean?
My messenger
Malachi facts:
39th book in the Bible and the last book in the old testament
There was 400 years of silence after Malachi was written. Amos 8:11
The only old testament mention of Malachi in the book of Malachi

Malachi 1:1-5
Malachi is not just for tithing but also about the burden of God’s love
When man is blind in the face of sin, we fail to see God’s love
God does not give an explanation, he gives a declaration
The Bible is not an explanation but a declaration
Romans 9:11-13
Whom God loves he corrects, Gods love for you is first then he corrects you

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

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