The fullness of Joy

Happiness is a temporary state of mind, it is transient. We compromise the fullness of joy for temporary happiness.
Joy is a constant state of the spirit of man that is constantly having fellowship with God. Our circumstances does not determine our joy. Too often we pursue the joy of God but we settle down for happiness. Joy does not come by direct pursue but it comes from God. If you have no fellowship with God there won’t be joy. John 15:11, john 11, John 16:24
Stranger Danger: You can stay in the community of God’s people and still hear stranger’s voice. Psalm 16:11, psalm 27:4-8
Shaal is the Hebrew word of desire. It means beg
No-an is the Hebrew word for beauty meaning the character of God

David said One thing I beg for, that I may behold the character of God.

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Preacher: Pastor Z. Trevor

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