The Secret Place

Preacher: Emmanuel
Editor: Chenoa Zacchaeus

We had a powerful sharing from brother Emmanuel which was followed by a short Q&A session. Continuing in the series “Passionate or Polite”, Emmanuel expressed how one cannot be lukewarm — we are either passionate or polite. Furthermore, he went on to state that “passion is based on what we do in the secret place.” He explained this statement by using Jesus as the prime example. Jesus had a burning passion for His Father’s will. But everything He did, His ministry and the miracles He performed, were all done after spending time in prayer.

Brother Emmanuel went on to compare passion and enthusiasm. Often times, we as Christians are enthusiastic about the things of God, but that slowly fades. Enthusiasm is temporary, but passion is sustained. That substance, once again, comes from spending time with God and with His Word. Spend time with the Father and you will grow to be passionate about His will and desires.

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Preacher: Emmanuel

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