True Seeker: Character vs Reputation

Character, compassion and conviction are the 3 C’s that makes a good seeker. Usually we follow things instead of following God. Jesus of the word. Are you willing to follow Jesus?
God is more interested in your character than any other thing. Gen 1:26
Before giving man dominion and authority, God gave us his character. The first thing is to have the image of God in your life. However, man chose to do evil. Psalm 139, Romans 8:29
Character cannot be created or invented. The Greek translation of hypocrite is a great actor. How long have we prayed for people for healing and when you are sick, you don’t believe God for your healing.
There is difference between character and reputation.
Character = who you are or what God will say to you on the judgement day
Reputation = is what people think you are or what the Pastor will say at your funeral
Sadly, people are chasing talent rather than character. Samson was a man of great reputation but of loose character.
Trials and testing don’t build your character but they reveal it. True test of good character is predictability i.e your character should be predictable
Is ur character predictable?
wwjd : what will Jesus do
Do you look like Jesus?

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Preacher: Pastor Trevor

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