True Seeker: Character

True seeker goes beyond just lip service but putting action to your faith. We all want to come to a place where we fall in love to God. However, how do we respond to the love of God?
How can we understand God without reading the word of God
The Bible gives us day to day instruction

The 3 C’s of true seeker
1. Character
2. Compassion
3. Conviction

Character: is determined by who we base our character upon. We like Jesus but we don’t see him as a superhero. We need to make Jesus our superhero because man will fail. Matt 5:13-16, Matt 5:43-48
You feeding the sheep should be based on your love for Christ.
Too often we love the sheep rather than loving Jesus.
Matt 15:7-20

Points to note:

1. Character is who you are not what you do or say

Character is who you are in whatever circumstances you are put in. It is who you are even when nobody is watching. We cannot fool God

2. Character is a choice
Deut 30:15-20, Joshua 24:14-15
It’s a daily choice
What is the character that you are following?

Watch full sermon below.
Preacher: Pastor Trevor

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