Universe = Time + Space + Matter

Preacher: Bro. Joseph
Editor: Precious Adams

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth
Col 1:15, Hebrew 11:3
All living things were not randomly made but they were designed.
God is an engineer and an artist
No surgery can change the chromosome of a male and female besides God

In Chinese character, there is no “hand” in the word create because God only spoke
John 5:19
The word become flesh. Jesus does everything his father does.
Jesus is the word come alive

John 12:48. Say the word
Obedience over logic
Luke 5:1
Simon was a great fisherman however, he listened to the word of Jesus rather than using his logic.
Matthew 8:5-9, Hebrew 1:3
Jesus uses his word to uphold us to this day. Angels perform his word
Psalm 103:19
The angel obeyed God’s word. God makes sure his word comes true
“If God exists I want to know what he thinks” — Albert Einstein
Even one of the smartest men on earth wanted to know what God thinks.
John 6:63
Our brain helps us make physical decisions. The spiritual decisions are what matters
Use Jesus’ word as your GPS
Matthew 24:35
Feelings change but God will never change
1 John 2:17
The will of God and the word of God are forever.
Mark 1:15
Repentance does not mean judgement. Repentance means to ask God for forgiveness in order to escape from punishment.
God’s kingdom is here on Earth
Mark 4:26
When we read the word of God we don’t know how it’s works but it creates a difference. Therefore we should read the word of God.

Romans 12:2
God’s will is perfect. Nothing is better than perfect
When you pray for God’s will, it’s the perfect prayer
1 John 5:14
Prayer does not change God’s will but it changes the circumstances
Romans 14:17-18
When you have righteousness you will have peace and joy

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Preacher: Bro. Joseph

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